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  1. macds

    Fadal vmc15 Trouble running large(2MB) program.

    Ive run programs that run for 4 days straight drip feeding at over 250ipm. No problems. From a laptop with a SPECIFIC usb to rs232 adapter. Sounds like you need to do maintenance work on the machine.
  2. macds

    Need a Rockstar Machinist for Rocket Engine Components

    No Canuckistanis..... unfortunate.
  3. macds

    Hillman skates

    I like the hillman tank style myself. I dont move equipment professionally, but for shoehorning things around my shop, they are perfect. Once you fully understand how they work, Im able to move a fadal 4020 by pushing by hand. When it becomes to difficult to push by hand, you know that the skate...
  4. macds

    Extra Length CAT-40 holders?

    MST slimline curve holders, they are shink fit.
  5. macds

    Flame hardening S7

    The part was consequently double drawn. Marcus, I do appreciate the legal concern. I apologize for sharing information and upsetting anyone. OP will be removed.
  6. macds

    Flame hardening S7

    not worth sharing
  7. macds

    Will you require employees to get covid vacine

    Massive hell no from here in Canuckistan.
  8. macds

    Help with oddball tooling / Old Lucas horizontal

    I agree, just not sure how it would mount on this HBM, or if that tooling just got mixed in with the auction lot (my assumption)..
  9. macds

    Help with oddball tooling / Old Lucas horizontal

    I'm helping a local shop setup an old Lucas they got at auction. I really know nothing about where it came from,but it came with a pile of lathe tooling and cam lock toolpost type things. I've seen these machines used like a vtl before, but can't figure out where the lathe tooling would mount...
  10. macds

    5 Axis milling of gear teeth

    Stan, If can want to, send me a solid model. If I cant do it, I know who can, and locally.
  11. macds

    Recommend a collection agency

    an "81" Hells Angels. No thanks.
  12. macds

    Recommend a collection agency

    Thanks Aaron, I will try that. I agree that a lot of businesses are in the shit! Me being one of them. I need the money to keep paying my guys. Under normal circumstance, I would agree.
  13. macds

    Recommend a collection agency

    I have (had) a new client stateside that seems to be having difficulty paying bills. I've tried calls\emails without response at the admin level. I did get a hold of someone yesterday, and the story I got didnt smell right to me, along with trembling voice (I was very calm and pleasant). Terms...
  14. macds

    RFQ - Large Diameter Turning Fixtures

    Are you able to work with a Canadian shop?
  15. macds

    Vise Bending Stock? Pondering Custom Fixturing

    If you do a lot of similar work, and the volume justifies it, the dimpling machines and matching jaws are the cats arse. Regarding torquing the vise, put your finger in, and turn the clamp by clamp. Youll see how hard those suckers bite.... I grimace when i see guys putting all 200lbs of their...
  16. macds

    O.T. 03 F250 no start mystery.

    The trick to hillbilly fix that is to put a starter from a new 6.7 (from wrecker) on. Then the sucker will spin over 2x as fast and build more pressure than needed to start. But not applicable to the 5.4 Sounds like fuel pump to me.
  17. macds

    Hexagon Buys Esprit

  18. macds

    3 Axis CNC woodshop, looking to transition to non-ferrous metals

    I would recommend looking into plastic sheet change parts for the beverage industry.
  19. macds

    What are the best small towns for machining that also have a low cost of living?

    If you know grinding.... Warsaw Indiana