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    Coil spring dilemma.

    No real technical knowledge on springs here but experience with the same Model TDI. Mine looked like it was getting lower, less fender clearance etc. didn't really pay attention till I found several semi circular pieces of iron on my garage floor. Took a bit to realize that they where pieces of...
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    Le Blond regal

    wiggle the shift levers Pretty easy to be between gears on that lathe. There are also some plastic mechanisms that are part of gear change mechanism that can break.
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    Best way for obtaining new work

    I would think that building up the business around the companies that you already service in the Hydraulic Repair area would be the easiest. Perhaps these folks don't understand how you are willing and interested in doing other machining work. Are we talking line boring, fabrication, ...... or...
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    recycle T&G flooring??

    You will be money ahead to buy new wood.... Perhaps peddle this wood off and buy some bowling lanes. Pin decks are maple.... or perhaps if your attached to this particular flooring glue/ nail it directly to several layers of plywood to form a good solid work surface. Otherwise the grit etc. is...
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    Schools could use your help!

    Good thoughts everyone... Interesting that is for sure! Teaching that is.. You never know what a student is going to do or ask, keeps it exciting. Rarely do we as teachers get much feedback from students on their successes after they leave. Every once in a while you hear from or about a student...
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    Schools could use your help!

    Support your Schools! Support your local or not so local schools! Practical Machinist Rocks! A while back I responded to a post on here about some old books that an individual had. https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/machine-shop-books.417846/#post-4129180 I let her know that I...
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    Machine shop books

    PM Sent, Thanks
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    Machine shop books

    As a high school teacher I would be interested. Our technical library here at school is pretty limited. Sometimes the old explanations and drawings of some of the basics is much better than the current literature.
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    Old timers stories

    The term "shop mooch" probably could lead to some pretty good stories too. The people that you never see but then surface when they need something.... typically for a home project. Perhaps because they are to lazy to visit the hardware store, or perhaps too cheap... Yesterday it was some sort of...
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    How can I minimize tear out on a planer

    Put your bed rollers down all the way. It doesn't look like it is feeding well. perhaps your board is deflecting in between the bed rollers. Also check out the adjustments on your feed rolls.
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    Inspecting NPT Threads

    Have you considered just using a pipe threader?
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    Minimizing shop overhead as a business strategy?

    Probably hard to find info on the web but in our area lots Amish shops running on line shafts and engines. They are big on compressed air and air motors too. Flex shafts are pretty commonly used. Believe I have seen Bridgeport set up with flex shaft. Although I don't believe they can be run in...
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    strip knurling machine material

    Would it be possible to slow an old heavy horizonal mill down slow enough to do this?
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    OT: manual book binding options

    clear page protectors and three ring binders... thicker but pretty durable. Also good with grubby hands.
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    We need a lot more of this in the US; what is your state doing?

    Salaries are up in the "hard to fill" positions. Historically salaries where controlled by a scale with no leeway. I probably make more than the English teacher but there have been years that pounding nails during summer vacation and on weekends made more money than teaching.... Factor in...
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    We need a lot more of this in the US; what is your state doing?

    I see this from the other side of the fence, having been in education for almost 20 years. I teach Technology Education, Shop, what ever you want to call it. There are some great programs out there doing great things along with some embarrassments for a variety of reasons. I have always worked...
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    Resurfacing and Automotive Work for a New Shop

    How about some pictures of the 90 machines??? automotive work or not...
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    0t---hot metal men

    The American Steel book is great! One of my favorites. Its about getting it done! The personalities that it takes! Not super technical but an enjoyable read.
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    OT - Internal Metal Pipe Cutters?

    Die grinder, sharp chisel, hammer.... Done