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    "Parking" a heavy super spacer

    Here is my contraption. Got a wheelchair lift free off craigslist, mounted it with some big plates to my rambaudi 40 taper machine. It has a weight capacity of 250 but will lift the super spacer, or the 8" kurt vise. I work on big boats so we always have a big pile of batteries, some still good...
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    Albrecht Chuck Jaw Issue

    Thank you for your replies gentlemen, pm incoming Larry.
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    Albrecht Chuck Jaw Issue

    Here is the Rohm Chuck
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    Albrecht Chuck Jaw Issue

    First off, I'm not a keyless chuck expert so I may be missing something right in front of my face. I bought a big Allen drill press a few months back and have been cleaning it up. I saved the chuck for last, it is an Albrecht model 160-j6 1/8"-5/8". When I got the drill, the chuck was seized...
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    Second shift drama

    Ya, never talk about your pay so you can't tell how bad they are sticking it up your ass. You can't tell how much more the newbie hire or the slack ass is making than you. I think that is something made up by bosses so they can make more off you...I think it all should be openly discussed.
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    Bowling lane wood: hoard it or pass it along?

    Start using it. If it were me I would keep it, because I have been looking for some of that stuff to use but 100 feet is a lot. I don't see it for sale as much as I used to, and not for deals.
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    3/4 ton chain Lever hoist

    I have a big 3 ton beebe bros version where if you put it in neutral and pull the ratchet wheel out, it disengages the chain so you can pull it free. If you dont seat it again, it will do things like you are describing. Maybe it has a similar feature.
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    Marvel vs Hydmech Vertical Bandsaw?

    This is just a story, but years ago I went to go look at a machine to buy. I didn't end up buying the machine but I looked at a few more machines the man was selling. One of them was a hydmech saw that looked like my marvel 8. He said he used to have a marvel and sold it to buy the hydmech...
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    Rambaudi Versamill milling machine

    That's a funky machine. Mill table with a boring mill column, but vertical head. It looks heavy.
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    An explore of an abandoned underground train workshop, in China!

    I wonder if any of that stuff is of nice quality, or if it's cheap like the china stuff we see in the states. Some of the bigger stuff looked pretty decent, I would love to have that big vertical slotter. Looks like a lot of the machines have been picked over by scavengers
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    Moving a heavy lathe

    Need more info, and some pics. Is the driveway gravel? concrete? is there a slope? what equipment do you have?
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    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    Ouch, looks like that machine was a little heavy for the tow vehicle.
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    DS&G lathe

    I found this https://www.cottandco.com/en/lots/dean-smith--grace-type-18-lathe and this https://www.amazon.com/Smith-Grace-Lathe-Operations-Manual/dp/B00FOCV5UI That looks like a nice machine, go get it and clean it up. I would guess 10-12k lbs
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    Any value in used 630mm tombstones and Kurt 10" vises?

    I keep a 10" kurt on my old k&t 2k and turn the vice so the jaws are parallel to the spindle. This works great to use it like a small hbm
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    Fixing a $100 problem with a $40,000 solution

    I got a 5k cat forklift for free because some business didn't want to spend the time or money to fix it, so they bought a new lift. On the cat, someone had broken the carb off the intake. It still had the 2 little mounting tabs bolted on. I took the machine home and welded the 2 tabs back on the...
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    lodge and shipley by monarch

    Thats a cool machine with some real potential if you can get it working. If it was mine I would try and use the 30hp dc motor if you can get a controller for it and have the power for it. I'm also a fan of dc motors.
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    American Pacemaker 20x72 MD weigt?

    Ouch, this is why I hate using skates. The machine is so high up in the air.
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    'Tri D attachment for Kearny Trecker horizontal mill experience

    Looks like they are machining tool steel molds in the vid. I'm sure you could find some place to fit a new cable.
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    'Tri D attachment for Kearny Trecker horizontal mill experience

    I saw this while browsing a few days ago. I had heard of the attachment, but I didn't know quite what it did. Pretty sweet little piece.
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    K&T 2k starting problems

    Here is a follow up to this problem. I contacted Ron Grundy on facebook and explained my problem. He recommended I check the speed range selector knob on the column gearbox. There is a small lever in there that moves when you pull the knob out to switch gears. From what he explained this makes...