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    10 inch Excelsior drill press

    You sure know your ancient machines, Rob! I'd say that's it, if not an exact copy. Thanks! from vintagemachinery website.. http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/detail.aspx?id=132 "Founded in 1903 by George H. Burke as Burke Machinery Co., the firm moved to Conneaut, OH in 1910 and changed...
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    10 inch Excelsior drill press

    Couldn't resist this little drill press today. Only obvious marking is EXCELSIOR on the column. Vintagemachinery shows a Royersford catalog, calling their drill presses Excelsior, but only big drills, no babies like this. There is no chuck, but a tapered arbor, with ball bearings in the spindle...
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    OT- A math question about how much a circumference is changed by a change in the radius of a large object

    skip to minute 3, the string around the earth... Mike
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    4140TGP magnetism issues. Revisited.

    I concur with the armature removed motor. When I used to hone moto-cycle con rods, sometimes they would magnetize. I don't remember where I learned it, but I removed the armature from a single phase motor, attached all the fields together, plugged it in and slid the rods through. Demagnetized...
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    Wick spindle oiler upgrade

    Might not be what will help you, but I noticed the other day that these guys have a barrel full of these in four different sizes.. https://www.kittstools.com/shop-bin/sc/productsearch.cgi I don't know why it reads Error in Form after a copy/paste. I'll type it out...
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    Problems with TIG on Mild Steel

    the last picture showing porosity is exactly what I was fighting when the gas lense solved it, for whatever reason... Mike
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    Problems with TIG on Mild Steel

    I had an Econo-TIG that would make welds similar to that. Finally tried a 12 dollar gas lens and it solved all problems. Maybe there was something else wrong in the system, but the lens was the savior. Mike
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    Shaper owners

    I'm sure somewhere on this site I posted videos of my 1936 16 " G & E and late model 7" Southbend, but I thought I'd bring in a memory from long ago. I worked 2nd shift in a production factory as Machine Repair and would watch the toolroom shaper operator work his magic on his machine. I don't...
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    Antique late 1800s Britannia Treadle Lathe query

    "Rustyironism: Aah, that's interesting - I've not heard of those before. Presumably to remove I'd need to be able to grip one end with some needlenose pliers to pull it out? I'll see if I can get those holes any cleaner now I've been dosing it with penetrating oil." If it is indeed a roll pin...
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    Antique late 1800s Britannia Treadle Lathe query

    I don't know when roll pins (slotted spring pin) became available, but could the hole you see be the inside of one? https://www.mcmaster.com/products/roll-pins/slotted-spring-pins-6/ Mike
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    O.T. Ukrainian watchmaker fixes Newfoundland clock tower that hasn't told time in decades

    Fine Arts Models is no longer there, but The Mariner, in Marine City, Michigan, is still open and the two clocks were still there a few months ago. https://fineartmodels.com/headquarters-for-fine-art-models/ The 18 foot long Titanic model was sold several years ago. https://mariner-mc.com/ I...
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    Worst drill press table

    sad Hilles Jones Mike
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    1940s Marvel Series 8 Bandsaw - Bogs down constantly?

    Just a thought, I have an old Atkins power hacksaw that I use occasionally for bigger stock. After a few cuts, it would bog down, the motor clicking and howling. I figured that the probably 100 year old motor was just tired, so seldom used the machine, figuring to repair it someday. I needed a...
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    Moving a lathe in SW MI

    I keep a roll of heavy stretch wrap in the truck along with a pack of electric tape rolls. I like it much better, and easier, than a tarp. It also keeps loose parts from flopping around and keeps small parts from dropping off. Tie off the end so it doesn't unravel. Lots of wraps of cheap...
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    OT- having a deep freezer exposed to outside temps.

    look for "garage ready" in the specs. Mike
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    Goodspeed Machine - Winchendon, MA

    Has anyone expressed interest in the blueprints and paperwork for historical preservation? Might we see a "goodspeedman" take on a daunting task? Mike
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    powder mixed with water to harden into filler for iron porosity

    Denis, No, you didn't miss anything. I 'm working on a project, but my question wasn't specific. I started this as a general question about a substance that the foundry I use has used for years and is almost out and no record of what it was. I never thought about West Systems, so I'll look into...
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    powder mixed with water to harden into filler for iron porosity

    Yeah, "curiosity killed the casting" could come into play using old formulas, but fascinating to see the solutions to the problems they encountered with materials and processes available at the time. My foundry guy did weld up some spots where a sprue left a void and did a nice enough job that...
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    What is the value of this machine

    The bracket that covers the tag covers the model number. I have a 1 1/2 and it is a little heavier than this one, so I would say it is a No.1 model. That catalog shows that there is a removeable handle on the Y axis and a handle only on the left side of the table for X on the No. 1. I don't use...
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    powder mixed with water to harden into filler for iron porosity

    Found an instruction book and it confirms that this is the stuff. Mix with water. https://archive.org/details/SmoothOnMfgCo Smooth-On says they quit making it in about the 1980s. Occasionally get a call about it, but quit making it when there was no longer a market for it. They do not have any...