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    Southbend 16 non toolroom bed way specs?

    hey big Tex!! it certainly has been awhile. I just got done rebuilding the spindle on my index knee mill, $1500 angular spindle bearings brand new from eBay for $60!! she’s running like a top. also replaced the motor/step pulley bearings in the sb16, that was a real pain in the ass, after...
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    Southbend 16 non toolroom bed way specs?

    Hello all! Been awhile, does anyone have an idea on the tolerances for the southbend 16 bed ways from factory? I have a few companies giving quotes for grinding my bed ways back to factory spec but they want to know what kind of tolerance I need. frankly I can’t really answer that. of...
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    Tracking and banning these accounts is an exercise in futility. Admin shouldn’t stop banning them but in reality they will make a new account within minutes and proceed to scam unfazed. The best approach IMO is to put a sticky and banners/notices to educate and dissuade users from engaging...
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    Lineshaft Machine Shop Photos

    I reckon men didn’t take many steps backwards in these old facilities, seeing as how you’d end up tangled in the ceiling rafters spinning to pieces. Almost primal will to survive these types of work/conditions. Back when life was simple, “work *hard* or die”.
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    Lathe identification

    Let’s just hope it cuts metal not wood...
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    Machine shop selling out near Madison Wi

    “Fair”. As in fairly insane.
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    GM "Industrial" vortec 4.3l gurus? Need to swap engine in forklift. What can we use?

    Wish I could help you out! It’s been over 10 years since I was in school with that lift. I don’t remember any issue with the steering and it was always kept indoors at room temp so it fired right up. It had the original LP engine. All I really remember about it was the heavier the load the...
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    GM "Industrial" vortec 4.3l gurus? Need to swap engine in forklift. What can we use?

    Fair enough, the “car guy” in me says you should of thrown a lumpy cam in her just for shits and giggles. I have a 4.3 out of a crashed 2000Ish Silverado siting on the shop floor for free to a good member. I pulled the nv3500 transmission for a 350 swapped sc300. We had a 4.3 forklift in...
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    Help identifying lathe

    Goes right into my garage ;)
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    Why do people buy massive lathes for their home shop?

    He said they were built different and he’s right, not that lathe technology was better back then, more along the lines of “times have changed”. You can indeed still buy new manual lathes but very few are quality built machines. Most are built in China to a price point out of inferior materials...
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    Why do people buy massive lathes for their home shop?

    16x84 southbend here, in a 2 car garage. Was just wishing I had a lathe that could swing my brothers 26” rim to true up that lip he bashed on a curb.
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    South Bend 13" Lathe Bearing Issues

    I have read about cracked Reservoirs that leak through the bottom, I don’t think the head bolts would typically pass into the reservoirs but anything is possible. I would definitely heed Tex’s advice and thread seal them anyway.
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    South bend heavy 10 fixable?

    X2 His reputation precedes him.
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    South Bend 13" Lathe Bearing Issues

    The gits will drain empty if the threads on the gits are not sealed, if the paper under the gits for wet then I would investigate both the head bolts and gits threads
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    Skinner Chuck Key

    Did these guys miss a commission from not selling that wrench to you? Sheesh, the man wants to make his own so let him be. As a hobby guy I’ve literally grabbed junk out of my junk bin and turned/milled it down into smaller junk, I spent my time to buy experience and joy/relaxation/meditation...
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    South Bend 13" Lathe Bearing Issues

    Green Lee, no issues friend. We’re here of our own accord. You will definitely figure that beautiful beast out and get her making chips I am sure of it. No one is disappointed or mad at you friend. “If your going through hell, keep on going” Best of luck and let us know if there’s anything...
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    Machinery Escrow service?

    I’ve seen a lot of threads and did my own “investigations” into this issue. Over on the Hudson forums (cars) the same thing happens, the electronics/PC forums, pretty much any forum that exists. The scammer finds an AD posted by a member looking for “something” (machine/car parts/PC) and the...
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    High or low interest rates.

    Triple post!