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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    I just went thru this last year. I absolutely wanted all wheel drive, you are in Canada and I would suggest the same. I really, really wanted a Mazda CX5, but based on the money and that fact that all I needed was to get to work and back, I ended up getting a '22 Honda HRV. While I'm not a fan...
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    O.T. airless paint/varnish sprayer.

    Anyone out there have experience with a GOOD airless sprayer? I got myself a Wagner middle of the road sprayer from Menards a few years back to do my cedar siding and deck, and while it did a good job with the coverage, the overspray was so obnoxious that the cleanup was more work than the...
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    Workstation need help

    We have computer gurus here that used to build all of ours. New we use these guys. https://boxx.com/ They are reasonable and they overclock those things and they are awesome! There is no way we can build them with the same performance anywhere near the money as those guys.
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    Help Diagnosing Apparent Z-Axis Drift

    Adaptive toolpaths create an enormous amount of side pressure on the tool and they pull easily, I have pulled them out of top of the line Schunk hydraulic chucks. I would only use a milling chuck, or a side lock with a weldon flat on the cutting tool.
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    5 axis selection

    It is not the flex system, just a standard 800mm pallet. Moving the control is not really that big of a deal to me. When I leave it out too far someone coming by with a fork truck always pushes it in and I have to move it go get in. I never really thought twice about it.
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    5 axis selection

    We have a C42 Hermle with the pallet loading system. At first I hated the way you go into the machine, but now I really like it, and you will get used to it, even though it seems weird up front. One thing I suggest, IF you go the Hermle route, get the control that lifts up and down, this was an...
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    Micro Slot Milling

    I've done 15x dia in 54 RC S-7, cutting this slot in aluminum should be straight forward, but not fun.
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    Justification for Air Conditioning in Tool & Die Shop

    I have absolutely no idea how you can hit tight tolerances without a temperature controlled area.
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    Plating allowance (or treatment allowance) in manufacturing

    Not sure of your intent here, but as a long time mold maker I am well aware of plating thicknesses. We use many different processes and I compensate for the thickness on all the holes, shutoffs, tight tolerance details ect.. IF you don't, things won't fit when all the components come back from...
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    Heidenhain Visi/Work NC Post Issues?

    Your line 20, try FUNCTION TCPM rather than M128
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    Bowling lane wood: hoard it or pass it along?

    I would throw it on Facebook market place, or keep it. I've seen many bar tops made from this wood and It looks fantastic.
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    Aluminium 6061/6082 on profiling surface finish

    It's going to be tough with those rpm's and cutting at the tool tip. I run faster than that with a 3mm tool on hard S-7.
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    Easily grind on a CNC using electroplated wheels

    Do you have any wheels or have any success grinding depths on cnc machines, aka facing with a cup wheel?
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    3d probing on machine

    I do on machine probing all the time with the Hermle and Heidenhain control. I program the points within Powermill, after that I import the results in Fusion. The end result is pretty slick, you do however need a 3d touch probe to get accurate results, and not all probes are.
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    Spindle liners - 3D printed???

    As an "old timer" here, I feel like a newbie. What are these for?
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    Tool Recommendations wanted for small high feed mill in 316

    I've tried many High feeds over the years, and these Kyocera Raptors are tough to beat. https://www.kyoceraprecisiontools.com/indexable/milling/high-feed/mfh-raptor/
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    Way OT - bat bite

    Well if it makes you feel any better there was a girl not far from me in Fond Du Lac WI that was successfully treated for rabies from a bat bite. The first one ever using some new method. If you squeezed it and it did not bleed, I would not sweat it.
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    Current state of PowerMILL?

    Our support was with CadCam Systems out of IL, they were fantastic and I miss them allot. NexGen has been good so far, but I don't use the support like I used to, mostly just to send in projects with a bug here and there. We just send a check to Autodesk every year for I'm not sure what.
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    Current state of PowerMILL?

    Been a user for almost 30 years, I can do anything with it that all the others show off doing. IF I would ever change, it would be Hypermill. Autodesk sort of messes up everything and my support money seems to go directly into Fusion development, which they push more than Powermill. I have...