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  1. precisionmetal

    Brother HS-300 on the way

    When I was in the wire business, (started in wire work a bit over 20 years ago), I set up a laptop with a camera and microphone looking at the work area of my Agie. If I was running around the clock (not that often), I had another laptop in my bedroom at home connected through the internet to...
  2. precisionmetal

    Brother HS-300 on the way

    BadTad, I believe this thread (15 pages now!) will become the gospel "go-to" document for anyone that chooses to tackle getting one of these Brothers up and running any time in the future! Incredible work, incredible persistence, and a huge amount of documentation. Awesome! PM
  3. precisionmetal

    Accuracy of Brother W1000Xd2

    In no way meaning to detour this thread, but want to throw in a piece of information for anyone that is or might be looking for highest possible feed rate and still fall within tolerance... (on a mass-produced part): I worked at a large tech company quite a few years back, and some of the...
  4. precisionmetal

    Brother HS-300 on the way

    Absolutely correct Marcus. Marsh Syverson... he did this on an Agie 150HSS that he was making super small/delicate cuts on proprietary parts he was making. I watched him do it many times, and he could go back and forth 1µm and it showed up plain as day on the 'scope. PM
  5. precisionmetal

    Brother HS-300 on the way

    I won't pass judgement on plastikdreams statement AT ALL -- but will convey my experience: When I had my own business and my own wire machine (Agie 170HSS) I was all System 3R. I had lots of tooling by them... and really liked it all. Then I went to work for a large tech company and among...
  6. precisionmetal

    I am thinking I could sharpen an end mill in a wedm...

    Snowshooze, implmex provided the detailed, explicit answer, (as he is so good at). I'll provide a simple answer: It costs less to buy a new endmill than to just set up a wire machine to attempt what you suggest. PM
  7. precisionmetal

    What is EDM wire made of?

    Snowshooze, As Bajafire says: the used wire is fairly "thrashed" upon coming out the bottom side of the cut. Look at some under a microscope and I suspect you won't want to use it for MIG welding. On my Agie, I would use coated copper wire once in a while. It was crazy expensive, but the...
  8. precisionmetal

    How are we feeling about the machinability of this model geoemtry?

    Well, nobody has asked... so I'll dive in: What is the injection molded part made from? If the material can tolerate "some" temperature... Have you considered making a couple of simple "half boxes" (the "halves" probably defined by the parting line in the mold) that have a few contact points...
  9. precisionmetal

    Sinker EDM vs Wire EDM for Fine Features and Thin Walls

    Marcus, Since we only have a verbal description of the part, it's difficult to say. I gather from the description that some of the drops would be very "narrow", but long, so I would probably try and drop those out with the small wire. You are absolutely spot-on though: no-core could likely...
  10. precisionmetal

    Sinker EDM vs Wire EDM for Fine Features and Thin Walls

    KaminKevCrew To me, this could be doable in wire edm. I regularly ran 100µm wire in my Agie (170HSS) with excellent reliability and consistent results. I even dropped to 70µm wire for the occasional tiny features/parts. Using 100µm wire, I would probably cut one part at a time, though two...
  11. precisionmetal

    Mysterious wire break on Agie EDM main cut

    I believe the first thing I'd try is to use flushing from the top nozzle and suction on the bottom nozzle. PM
  12. precisionmetal

    Guys, you have put mr well on the way to my EDM selection...

    I believe it could be argued that "multi-function machines" are generally not good at any of their functions. As RJT mentions, I believe it was Agie that had a machine with a piggy-back hole popper. I don't know of anyone that used it, and I'm fairly certain most people with those machines...
  13. precisionmetal

    Wire EDM general performance in real terms...

    snowshooze, Of course! I have some other documentation as well that I always had online for "customer consumption". Let me chase it down. Anyone is more than welcome to use any of it. PM
  14. precisionmetal

    Wire EDM general performance in real terms...

    snowshooze, I got into the wire edm business in ~2003. It didn't take me long to realize that I was having to explain how the process worked to many of the potential customers that either came to my business, or called me. So... ~20 years ago, I created "FAQ" pages on my web site, so I could...
  15. precisionmetal

    Involute spline generator?

    shanej45, You're cutting the internal, and you have access to the/an existing external? If so, how will you cut it? Shaper cutter, broach, wire-edm? PM
  16. precisionmetal

    Wire EDM capabilities

    For size capability, check out Swiss WireEDM here ---> https://www.swedm.com/ In my own past life of doing wire edm work, this was probably one of the taller (not heavy) parts I cut where the result had to be quite precise: (rear spool for a Trophy Truck, and a custom spline for some...
  17. precisionmetal

    Things to look out for and avoid when buying a used wire EDM

    Chris, To follow-up on Skubeesnak's comments above... I got into the wire edm business in the early 2000's. I purchased a used Agie, but the first thing I did before even moving it into my shop was build an insulated, climate-controlled, carpeted room *within* my existing shop. The room...
  18. precisionmetal

    Programming service

    ChuckD, I think Houdini hit the nail on the head: I know a few insanely skilled programmers, but they all work for machine tool companies. And as Michiganbuck says: Big shops will buy turn-key solutions for a part or a series of parts, and the machine tool manufacturer will land the...
  19. precisionmetal

    Wire cutting thin metal

    As BajaFire says: cutting through an outside edge is often problematic, and that can apply to many different types of material, in my experience. If you can do so, drill a start hole in from the outside edge by a decent amount, and then start cutting from the start hole to your profile and...
  20. precisionmetal

    Keyway Taper Sodick

    Not sure what you have for software, but many years ago when I was in the business, I would have just created upper and lower profiles (in this case: 80mm apart). It's been years since I was in the business, but I rarely used any other method to cut 4-axis/tapered parts -- upper/lower...