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  1. csharp

    More Fusion Changes

    Looks like more fusion packaging changes are coming. Updates to the Fusion 360 Manufacture Workspace and the Machining Extension | Fusion 360 | Autodesk Knowledge Network
  2. csharp

    OT : CRF250R Backfire

    Hello, I know this is WAY OT. Does anyone know of a good resourse or forum that could help me diagnose a backfire on a CRF250R? I tried the thumper talk forum but never got a response. This is a backfire under load or acceleration NOT deceleration. It works fine at idling along. Once you...
  3. csharp

    Changing lathe chucks

    I have a HAAS SL30 with a 12" Samchully hydraulic chuck. I want to change it over to a 4 jaw. We mainly manufacture split parts and must center the split line in the chuck before turning. The back of the Samchully chuck does not have an A2-6 taper. It has a flat back and uses an adapter...
  4. csharp

    G68 Rotation

    When using a G68 to rotate the coordinate system do I need to cancel it before changing work planes (G17,G18,G19)? I assumed I need to call out the work plane before the rotation command so we know what axis to rotate around but then once the rotation is set I could call up other work planes...
  5. csharp

    Lincoln 256 Error / Circuit Board

    Hello, I have a Lincoln 256. I run it on 208 single phase. I have had it for about 3 years. We use it very rarely, as in still on original spool of wire. We have 3 phase a the shop and have had several issues this summer with dropping a single phase of power. I am not sure if this is what...
  6. csharp

    Camplete Sold!!

    Autodesk Acquires CAMplete, Adding to Advanced Manufacturing Portfolio - Advanced Manufacturing I feel for any existing camplete customers.
  7. csharp

    DOOSAN DNM5700 Probing

    I have a round part held in a 3 jaw vise on a mill. I would like to probe and rest center at the start of each part cycle. Our cam software can easily handle the correct probe cycle but I am curious if there are parameters or some where I can look to see the difference between each part...
  8. csharp

    New Lathe consideratins

    I am starting to look for a lathe to replace my HAAS 2008 SL30. I currently have a price from HAAS for an ST35 and Doosan for a GT3100. I wanted to get a quote from DMG MORI on a CLX450 or CLX550 but never heard back from them. I have a call into Mazak on a QT250 - QT350 I am also waiting on...
  9. csharp

    G92 vs G54 on a Wire

    Why do people seem to prefer G92 programming vs G54 on wire edm? Or maybe they don't. The tech that installed ours used and and a couple of local shop do as well. We purchased bobcad wire software and they default to G92 as well.
  10. csharp

    BobCAD Wire

    anyone know is there is a setting to change between posting subroutines in bobcad V32 wire software? We are looking to stop using the G22 HXX commands.
  11. csharp

    Wire EDM Software??

    I recentely purchased an MV1200 mits wire edm. It has a 2D cam software in the control. do most people program at the machine for wire or use cam software? what software would you recommend? I would be looking for the budget friendly software :) I was considering smartCAM since I already...
  12. csharp

    Installation wiring for Mits 1200

    I was wondering if someone could share how the wired the power supply on a their Wire EDM. The mits 1200 we bought has a power supply on wheels so it can be moved out of the way. They said it would run on a 50amp circut. I have a 50amp breaker and some #8THHN I was planning to use. THHN is...
  13. csharp

    MV1200 Mits

    Anyone have some experience with the MV1200 S from Mitsubishi? Are the liner shaft motors all they claim to be? Maintenance issues? F800 touch screen control? Remote360 monitoring software? I am looking into purchasing our first wire machine and have been looking at Makino and Mits
  14. csharp

    Anyone willing to help walk me thru a turret alignment/check

    I have a 2008 Haas SL30. I am the original owner. A couple of months ago I had a part come out from not enough clamping force. It wedged between the turret and chuck. I did move the wedge on the machine. I had HAAS come and do an alignment. It still seems as though something is not quit...
  15. csharp

    Fusion360 Extensions

    Sounds like some of the new toolpaths in Fusion will be thru paid extensions. I am maybe reading between the lines here in the post. Inventor CAM 2020 instead of Inventor HSM 2020 (Namechange) - Autodesk Community
  16. csharp

    SolidWorks CAM Standard

    Now that it has been out for a couple years does anyone care to share their opinoin on the Solidworks cam standard that comes with all installs? I just got a quote to update SW and get current and was curious what others are thinking. I do a lot of simple milling. Drill, profile, slot...
  17. csharp

    Fusion eliminates tiers

    So instead of raising the price they removed all tiers standard/ultimate and one product for $495/year ANNOUNCEMENT - Fusion 36 tier consolidation, what does it mean? - Autodesk Community
  18. csharp

    Flourosint 500 Supplier

    Does anyone know of a good source for Flourosint 500?
  19. csharp

    OT: 1018/1026 Stress Relief Procedure

    Does anyone know the procedure for stress relief or 1018/1026 steel? The best I have found indicated between 500C-700C. I have heard a rule of thumb that it should soak 1hour for every inch of part thickenss. I am not sure how accurate that is and if there is a ramp up and ramp down...
  20. csharp

    OT: Chick OneLok jaw interface - Patented??

    I have been trying to search and find out if the chick onelok jaw interface is patented. I can't find any info saying it is patented. Does anyone know if it is? I have a couple of ideas of some things I would like to build for it and don't want to violate any patents or get them made and find...