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    Moving a Hexagon Optiv 2 Reference 2Z443 CMM

    Im moving a Hexagon Optiv 2 Reference 2Z443 CMM tomorrow. I don't have the manual for transportation but the OP manual I do have indicates that there are "transportation clamps" that fix the axis. Im trying to get the info from Hexagon but dont know if I will be able to unless I get a service...
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    Swapping Heidenhain DDC2 drive controllers to test - Simodrive 611

    Im trying to troubleshoot a simodrive 611 with Hiedenhain DDC2 optical drive controllers. I want to swap the DDC2 modules to see if the error (x53) follows to another axis. I searched both machine forums and the Siemens site and seems like no one has ever done this type of test. Has anyone ever...
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    Ok to mix rev version on Siemens simodrive Lt module 25 amp 6SN1123-1AA00-0BA0?

    Is it ok to mix rev versions on these drives? I see lots of rev A versions for sale on the used market but few version C. Im replacing a version C. Ive got the optical style modules installed in the 6SN1123-1AA00-0BA0 Im replacing.
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    2000 DMU50V Millplus won't get past I01 initialization

    Want to run a job today and the door safety switch started acting up. It does this once and a while and I just do a soft reset and proceed. Machine was running ok for an hour of two setting up tools before this happened. Then it threw a 53+ error and I had to restart. I tried adjusting the door...
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    Calbrating Laser Toolsetter DMG DMC103V SIemens 840D

    My 2000 DMG 103V with 840D control has a laser tool setter that works ok but can't measure the length of tools .125" and under due to misalignment in the Y plane. Been that way since I got it with only 180 spindle hours on it. Its very accurate in measuring tool length on anything larger than...
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    2001 Bridgeport EZpath III SL, Where is the backup battery for tool offsets?

    My lathe started losing the offsets once I power down. Still runs/boots fine but have to re-enter every power on. Cant find any mention online of what battery backs this info up and where it is. Of course, nothing in the operator manual. Also, the correct procedure to replace it. Anyone know?
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    Rotary axis speed way too slow Siemens 840D

    Tried to program a simple polar pocket with three repeats on my DMG DMU103V and the program runs, (after my post guy made some changes to put an X -Y axis move on the same line as all the A axis moves and fix repeats), but the A axis moves are at the F speed of 16, in degrees per minute! Waaaay...
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    4th axis programming issues 840D

    Made a cylindrical part with 4 ports on my DMC103V 840D control. Ran into a few problems that I was able to sidestep and make the part but trying to figure out what the problems in the code were. Cylinder with 4 ports. Polar milling with 3 repeats. Program runs fine until it hits N1546...
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    Cant make duplicate drive Hyundai HIT 840c

    Trying to make a duplicate hard drive for my new to me Hyundai HIT 8s 840C hard drive. Im using a StarTech Drive duplicator that Ive used to make duplicates of drives for my 840D control and my Milllplus control. The Millplus is also a DOS based control, never a problem. I made another Millplus...
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    Setting tools Hyundai Hit 8S 840C

    Setting up a new to me Hit 8s. Machine wasnt used for a while but everything seems to be in good working order. Trying to set one turning tool to start with using the toolsetter. Following instructions in the manual and it seems to work (does enter data in the offsets) but the distance in X is...
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    second comp.link not ready for operation Siemens 840C Hyundai HIT8S

    Picked up a 97 Hyundai 8s today thats been sitting a while. CPU battery was dead. I replaced it and now getting the error: ORD8 2nd comp.link not ready for operation. I think this means I need to reset the NCK/MMC and reload from the backup. I know the correct procedure for the 840D. Whats the...
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    Anyone using Blaser Vasco 7000?

    I picked up a drum of Vasco 7000 (and a blaser mixer!) from a closed shop last month. Put it in a couple of the manual machines, and my FP42NC to test. Seems ok no smell at all and really slippery to the touch. Im using 585xt in all the other machines and I like it ok (Other than the sometimes...
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    Trying to get my laser toolsetter up on DMG DMC103V 840D

    Ive got a 2000 DMC 103v with 840D control. Had it a year and a half and after poking around, figured out how to get the laser toolsetter to work when I got it. Just load the tool and enter M91 in MDI to have the length offset loaded into the offset page for that tool. I got partway through...
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    B&S Microval 454 MM3 compatible with 454 Relex controller?

    Ive got a microval 454 CMM running MM3 on a cpu through the black box. Had it awhile and it works fine, replaced a couple hoses over the years but no leaks. A reflex 454 is available cheap that has a bad y scale. Looks like the connectors on the reflex box are identical to those on my black box...
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    Ikegai A20 High Speed flat belt?

    Picked up one today. Missing the flat belt. Anyone know where to get these? Or where to get a made to order flat belt from?
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    Info on Varnamo FU2 FUB 2A Universal

    Im picking up this varnamo universal tomorrow and haven't been able to find any information/user manuals anywhere online. Id normally just buy a manual from the usual suspects but cant find anything out there. Anyone have any operator/maintenance manuals for this model? Thx
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    Duplomatic BSV n200 8 station turret acting up

    My duplomatic turret started acting up today. Its installed on an Ezpath II SL lathe. Never give me any trouble at all in the 2 years Ive owned it. I did a manual turret index today, didn't hear the usual clunk from the turret and saw that the turret didn't finish the move. Control errored out...
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    New to me FP1, Looking for parts trades?

    I picked up an FP1 yesterday. All working great, no visible wear on the ways, (except the coolant pump that is noisy and wont pump the cutting oil that was still in the sump). It came with a set of decker branded collets and the MT4 adapter for the smaller decker collets. However, it didn't...
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    DMU50V tool change error then B axis over travel. Wont start servos

    I was running my DMU50V this am (and talking to someone at the same time) and forgot to turn the setup switch off. At the 1st tool change the machine stopped as is normal halfway through a tool change. I switched the bottom switch in the back to ON then stepped the spindle out of the tool...
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    DMU50V Millplus tool change error B axis in over travel

    I was running my DMU50V this am (and talking to someone at the same time) and forgot to turn the setup switch off. At the 1st tool change the machine stopped as is normal halfway through a tool change. I switched the bottom switch in the back to ON then stepped the spindle out of the tool...