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    Allied Machine guided insert drills.

    Anyone have experience with Allied Machine "guided t-a drills" or "stealth drill"? These are an indexable spade type of drill with carbide wear pads to guide it straight. We are considering them for a production job, where we need to drill 1.000" dia and 1.1875" dia through holes both to 8xD...
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    No more 1k TSC?

    My employer is in the process of buying a new HAAS VF4-SS, one of the major debates left was 300 PSI or 1k PSI for Through spindle coolant. We were informed today by the salesman at our HFO that as of yesterday the 1k system is no longer available. Their reasoning is the flow rate and pressure...
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    Newbie - Drill Bit and Reamer

    Kevin, The picture on the left is definitely a drill bit, however it is one that is designed to fit straight into the spindle of a machine or the tail stock of a lathe. The tapered end is probably a morse #2 taper (from my experience at least) most industrial drill presses (or lathe tail...
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    Mill making a banging noise on toolchanges... tool holders getting stuck in spindle.

    I find that quite funny considering Haas's own manual begs to differ. Page 275 of the April 2012 operator's manual "daily maintenance: wipe spindle taper with a clean cloth rag and apply light oil" On a related note, we have a 2010 VF3SS-APC that was making quite the noise recently (a loud bang...
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    Haas sleep mode (m95)

    Greetings, I am curious if anyone has used sleep mode successfully for the purposes of having the machine wake up/warm up in the morning. Currently most of my attempts to put the machine to sleep for 13 hours then wake and complete a warm up cycle have been unsuccessful. Neither of my machines...
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    Haas VF3 02 model alarm 163 z axis fault

    Vf3ss-apc brand new, same alarm. Cobra, May i ask what the machine was doing before it alarmed out? I am currently running 2 Vf3's, one of which alarmed out of sleep mode with a 163. About 5 min into a sleep mode (m95) of 13 hours the machine woke up and alarmed out with both 163 and a alarm...
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    Parlec collet chuck issues.

    Does everyone use a torque wrench to tighten their collet nuts to spec. or do you just gauge it by feel? -Tom
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    Parlec collet chuck issues.

    Thank you for the input thus far. I am aware that the collet has to be properly "snapped" into the collet nut before screwing it into the tool holder. That lip in the nut is also what is distorting the collet during disassembly. It puts a deep gouge in the collet if you use the wrench to "pop"...
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    Parlec collet chuck issues.

    I am currently using parlec c40-20er412 collet chucks with their "power nut" and pull studs for a Haas cat40 spindle. I am new to cnc manufacturing, this is my first experience with cat tooling and ER type collets as such I'm having a few issues with tool T.I.R and collet disassembly. When I...
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    Corner rounding endmills in a vmc.

    For a future production job my company plans to use a carbide corner rounding end mill (possibly coated) with a .140 radius on 36in long bars of 4340 steel. This type of cutter is available from Harvey tool and can be custom made by helical tool, however neither manufacturer provides info on how...
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    Long term effects of power press vibration on machine accuracy?

    As the title says, I am wondering the effects of vibration from stamping presses on the machine accuracy. The stamping company I work for decided to install their brand new vmc 50-100 feet max away from a 150 ton power press, there are also 4 smaller presses within that radius. The vmc is not on...
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    Alarm 830, Z axis serial comm fault.

    I'm working with a 5 month old vf3ss with apc, in the past few weeks we have had an 830 alarm happen twice with no rhyme or reason. The first time it happened about 3min into Haas's spindle warm up program, when it reached the next line commanding a spindle speed increase a 830 alarm was...