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  1. Forrest Addy

    OT: aging and decluttering

    For me it wasn't a sudden decision. My legs slowly deteriorated until eventually my shop time doing productive work faded to zero. I still have a strong impulse to make and create and my tiny brain seethes with future projects and my shirt pocket bulges with sketches and scribbled calculations...
  2. Forrest Addy

    Help finding specs on an electric motor for my lathe

    These question often arise. My suggestion is calculate motor speed by working backward. Engage the highest headstock spindle speed and by turning the headstock input pulley say 20 revs count the spindle revs. That gives you a ratio you can calculate motor RPM from the spindle RPM. As stated by...
  3. Forrest Addy

    OT: aging and decluttering

    Wow! 'Way more response than I thought. Maybe I could add another thought. My executor suggested my important papers (will, insurance, SSI, OPM annuity, passwords to accounts, lists of autopay accounts, deeds, titles, prepaid interment, etc) be combined in a clearly labeled folder in...
  4. Forrest Addy

    OT: aging and decluttering

    I turned 82 today. I'm mobile and in good health but decrepit enough I seldom get out on the shop to do anything productive. Mostly I wipe down the machinery and tidy here and there while reminiscing. I probably won't live forever. My heirs have no use for my machine tools and shop equipment...
  5. Forrest Addy

    Drill after scraping?

    Seems to me the answer would be scrape it, drill it, then touch up the scraping if necessary.
  6. Forrest Addy

    Help! I need a calibration manual for a Federal 230

    We're both out of luck. My hard drive died a couple years ago and I lost the files I never backed up - the Federal folder among them. Might be a lesson here. I passed out CD's to my scraping classes and I think my whole Federal folder was on it along with a ton of handy, hard to find lore...
  7. Forrest Addy

    Bearing stress calculation, and why (caution: MATH ahead)

    We talkin' rolling element bearings, plain lubricated bearings, limits of constraint, deflection considerations, solid Vs porous bearing materials, shock loading, - there's so many variables in real bearing applications, theoretical problems have to be limited, unrealistic, and hedged around...
  8. Forrest Addy

    Straight Edge Scraping Questions

    Richard gets tiresome with his vague and unsupported claims about sag. I notice he offers no data to support his claims. Bullshit is bullshit no matter how often its repeated. No more gaslighting, Richard. We in the metalworking trades depend on standards, objective data, known materials, and...
  9. Forrest Addy

    Wiggler vs Center finder?

    Both. One job favors one, the next maybe the other. Lining up to a drill spindle generally favors the pointy wiggler but touching off to edge references favors the edge finder. These are simple tools having a wide range of applications in a manual shop.
  10. Forrest Addy

    Planning a Cast Iron Camelback

    Patterns destroyed or stolen? That's sad news, indeed, Steven.I recall your efforts selecting proportions, design, and improvements. I was much taken by the features and aesthetics of your 30" straight edge. It was a handy length too, suited to work on knee mill columns and the width of the...
  11. Forrest Addy

    Where is Forrest Addy?

    Maybe I'm a poopy head too but otherwise fit and healthy but possibly creaky around the edges. Turned 80 last August. Thanks for the concern. No news of thread interest beyond trying to sell my shop equipment. I'll keep looking in from time to time and when I see something I can pounce on...
  12. Forrest Addy

    RPM pulley size question

    Wrong. Your two pole motor belted 1:1 will work just fine. Nothing sacred about 3100 FPM. It's wood. 3000 to 5000 FPM is a reasonable range for circular saws, carbon steel or carbide teeth.
  13. Forrest Addy

    Why do people buy massive lathes for their home shop?

    In the case of machine tools, size really does matter. Back in the day I bought my present 1760 engin lathe thinking with its 27" swing in the gap I'd never need to rent time on the ancient 32" Stratford lathe in Gig Harbor Machine Works. Wrong. Word spread and my second or third job was a 30'...
  14. Forrest Addy

    Motor De-Rating for Slow Speed VFD

    My solution to the same problem was to install a 3 HP, 3 ph motor. I run it with a 20 year old MotoTronic FVD with few bells and whistles. Years ago when I was building architectural iron work, I drilled and tapped 1/2 - 13 holes by the hundreds in 5/8" plate flanges using plain vanilla gun taps...
  15. Forrest Addy

    Call yourself a machist? Cut a meshing pair of these.

    Here's a stupifying solution looking for a problem. Hyperboloidal Gears 3D Printed 75 Deg. Skewed Axis Animation and Assembly - Hyperboloid - YouTube Next step, helical hyperboloidal gears
  16. Forrest Addy

    Planing and Scraping a 36" KING-WAY Camel-Back Straight Edge

    OK, Richard. You've plugged your straightedge castings enough. This forum is a community not your private market place. Speaking only for myself I submit there's a difference between an enterprizing someone using this forum's resources to work out manufacturing problems with specialty items for...
  17. Forrest Addy

    Peening the Underside of a Milling Machine Table.

    Boys, boys! Is that anyway for gentlemen to comport themselves? Choose your words carefully. Events may transpire where you have to eat them.
  18. Forrest Addy

    Peening the Underside of a Milling Machine Table.

    0.020 correction over 56" in a thick milling table is a bit much for peening in my judgement. Complicating matters is the surface of the dovetail boss (the surfaces parallel to the table (not the actual angle dovetails themselves) are a bit too narrow for several courses of heavy peening and the...
  19. Forrest Addy

    OT: slab jacking with grout.

    Sorry, kinda late to the party. Think the whole problem through but first do the math. You need to understand the numbers before you commit to an enterprise. 14' x 14' x 2" wedge of installed (assuming no voids or subsidence to fill) = 28,224 in³. What's the stroke of your cylinder? How many...
  20. Forrest Addy

    OT: Straightening wire shelf sockets

    A little FYI for my friends. Not that they'd ever need it. I favor wire shelving. It's sturdy, modular, easy to clean and revise, standardized across the whole industry, etc. I bought a new unit that had taken a bump in shipping. A corner socket was deformed making it impossible to assemble...