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    integrex alignment

    So, I would think, if i turned a spud in lathe mode, then put my test bar in the milling spindle and rolled it to 90 degrees, put an indicator on the spud and sweep in the test bar, I should be able to put the indicator on the test bar and the spud should sweep in at zero as well. In short they...
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    Source for Morse taper tooling

    I need to mount some chucks using #5 Morse taper adapters. I believe they have 1-8 thread for a draw bar. Any Ideas?
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    Okuma osp 7000 G10 Block skip

    Can you program the block skip function off and on using G code? What is the best way to put a Z fixture offset in using G code programming. I Guess I could use a variable but.... My book says G10 is a shut off for G11. I have run 7000s in the past that used G10 for setting fixture offsets...
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    Win. 1300 Marine barrel replacement

    I looked on the Winchester web page and they say the 1300 Defender (I am assuming the Marine as well) barrels do not fit the 1300 field guns. However, they do not say why. I am assuming it is because of the length of the magazine tube. Is there any reason a person can not modify the barrel...
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    OT: Vacuum switch

    I am in need of a vacuum switch. It needs to be able to divert flow to two different sides of a diaphragm. The diaphragm is the CAD for a 95 Wrangler. Any ideas were I can find one? Or, any ideas of what to make it out of? I was thinking brass and a brass spool with rubber “O” rings and...
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    K O lee slicer / saw

    I am trying to find some information on a K O Lee slicer. The operator tells me that the blades (CBN) are changed by removing the blade from the hub. I don't understand. On the grinders I run we don't unmount the diamond blades. We mount them, dial them in etc. and do not remove them from the...
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    First Gen Colt SA

    I am sure this topic has been covered but I couldn’t find it. A friend as a first generation colt SA in 41, it has been in a fire, original grips are gone – don’t know if they were burned in the fire or not, springs seem weak: He was told he could reheat treat the springs by putting them in...
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    Rehash. I'm confused, hornet

    Okay, I am confused... big time... A while back I got the hair brained idea that I could build a Savage Favorite (the new one model 30gm) in magnum into a Hornet. :scratchchin: (http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/showthread.php?t=127644&highlight=hornet) The general consensus was my idea was...
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    molybdenum prices

    My dad has a couple of Moly bars he wants to get shed of. Does anyone know where he could sell them in the Seattle-Tacoma area? Also, any guess on the price? I thought the range was around 35.00 lb but he thought it was a little higher.
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    I used it but can't remember what it was...

    We used to have speed chucks for our EE's. They were collet closers that mounted completely from the front. They had a lever to open and close them, set up so you didn't have to turn off the spindle. They mounted with cam locks. The collets went in from the front and there was a 3/8 square...
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    Odd ball spindle thread ?

    I am having trouble figuring this one out. The lathe is an import (Hong Kong or Taiwan. It was imported by Transworld Ltd.) The spindle nose thread looks to be 2.156dia. 8tpi. I would assume it to be metric, most of the small screws are. The lead and cross feed screws are standard acmes. Any...
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    Who made the smallest boring mill?

    I have seen some pictures on this site; one was from a Navy trade school (I think, I can’t find the post now) that had a small boring mill in the middle of the picture. Looked to be about the size of a 16x48 lathe. Besides, I think boring mills are pretty cool.
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    Where does Fanuc 16 hide Loop Counter

    I want to use the value of the Repeat (L word) on a loop call for changing my feed rates. Does anyone know where it is? I want to use a line like: IF [(L word)LE 2] THEN F[#104*.2] we use #104 for the feed rate value. In short I want to make the last two passes of the repeat command drop my...
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    Who would grind a bolt face?

    I was presented with a problem. A commercial M98, shoots like a dream. But it backs out primers, lots. A little investigation and I see that someone has ground the bolt face around the firing pin :eek: , only around the firing pin. I really don't want to do the new bolt thing. So, is it...
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    NEF open

    Has anyone heard of a NEF (rifle) popping open when it is fired? :eek: If so, any ideas as to why this would happen? The gun is going back for repair but I was just wondering? :confused:
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    Blackhawk - Super Blackhawk - Frame

    Does anybody know if a Blackhawk grip frame will fit on a Super Blackhawk? Also, what grip frame is the closest to the old three screw frame? Then the obvious question – were can I get one?
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    HARIG Surface grinders

    I am trying to get my shop to purchase a new surface grinder. I know that I should be looking at a Parker Majestic but because of a few jobs (deep slots); I think a creep feed would have some major advantages. That being said, does anyone have any experience with the Harig 1224 EZ Surf II? We...
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    Stevens Favorite to Hornet

    I thought that Savage made a Mod. 30 in 22 magnum, I didn't see it on the Savage web site. But, If I could find one... I was thinking it would make a great little Hornet. Would a 22 magnum action be strong enough to convert to hornet?
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    Reaming a Muzzle??

    I saw a 95(?) Swedish Mauser today. It appears that someone ran a reamer down the muzzle about an inch. Considering it was the carbine (17.7 inch barrel), did a gunsmith try to remove muzzle wear by doing this so the barrel would not become too short and also to save from having to remount the...