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  1. CMLbend

    Angle rolling problems

    I did some more research and I see that common 6061-T6 is only about 10% elongation as T-4 would yeild closer to 16% and T-0 Closer to 30%. Elongation for a 96"in Diameter ring suggests a min of 12% Elongation. So basically in a nutshell your T-6 material has too much memory for a 30" CLR...
  2. CMLbend

    Angle rolling problems

    T6 is not a very good temper to bend with.
  3. CMLbend

    Angle rolling problems

    Are you rolling leg in or leg out? If you are using an anti twist I assume that you are rolling leg in. Please give a better description of what you mean by material cupping. Do you mean that the legs are rounding inward as you bend?
  4. CMLbend

    Ring/roll bender

    They are not too common over here in the States. They are a lot more money then the standard rolls is probably one reason. I have heard mixed review about them. One thing I have heard guys say is that they are not a tough as the fixed pyramid , which would make some sense.Though really I can't...
  5. CMLbend

    Who's going to IMTS and PM cap's idea

    With the turn out at IMTS the last two years I cannot imagine anyone balking at people coming through their booths, even if it is just for a hat. Just a suggestion, you could have an Admin or Moderator ( or someone who is a notable poster that is going to be there at the show) designate a...
  6. CMLbend

    Ring/roll bender

    Basically your two bottom rolls are articulated opposed to the standard pyramid rolls. where on those the bottom two are fixed and the radius is made by the top roll, this allows for compounding radii also allows to bend tighter in most cases.
  7. CMLbend

    Rectangular Tube Bending

    This is 4 x 2" Rectangular Solid, and this is a Angle Roll application. Being that it is a Solid, the material it's self capable of being bent to fairly tight radius. The issue being that the Material is going to be very strong and take a very strong Roll machine to accommodate (Which is...
  8. CMLbend

    Rectangular Tube Bending

    Are you actually rolling this or are you bending on a Fixed Radius? You can Bend much tighter if you are Doing this Rotary Draw Style than Rolling this. You should post a print and I would be able to help you alot better.
  9. CMLbend

    Rectangular Tube Bending

    What Type of bender are you using , are you rolling a ring , Easyway or Hardway??? If you are using a Standard Pyramid with 3 rolls driven rolling easyway than 82" is probably going to be the Minimum Radius (to the Centerline
  10. CMLbend

    Truck for Sale 2001 GMC WT5500

    It is a can be used as a Demo Truck or a Mobile Workshop. Not 4Wheel Drive
  11. CMLbend

    Truck for Sale 2001 GMC WT5500

    Located in Iowa
  12. CMLbend

    Truck for Sale 2001 GMC WT5500

    2001 GMC WT5500 – 19,500 GVW, 191, 400 miles, Isuzu Diesel, Turbo, Intercooled, Allison Automatic, 18′ Supreme Van Body with Side Door. Runs excellent, well maintained, newer tires. Used $15,000 Demo Truck , Kept in Texas in the Winter and Midwest for Summer Months. PM for extra...
  13. CMLbend

    Power Inverters for sale.

    4500 Watt 3-Phase DC to AC Power Inverter – Mobile Tool International MTI-24/4500H 3PH Used 389 Hours Input: 22-28 VDC Output: 220Y – 3-phase 60 Hz 120 RMS Output Watts: 4,500 NEW $5,075 $3,500 6000 Watt 3-Phase DC to AC Power Inverter – Dimensions Unlimited DUIB-24/6000H 3PH Used 1935...
  14. CMLbend

    Source for Large Mandrel-bent Tubing

    I would be curious to hear if you do find someone that is willing to do this. However if you don't here is an alternate solution, With that large of a Radius you could easily have that done non-mandrel with a very high quality bend for much much much cheaper and a fraction of the lead time...
  15. CMLbend

    Looking for a pipe bender. What should I shop for?

    What kind of production level are you looking to get out of a machine? People often say CNC when looking , but do not actually need a CNC Bender. You can buy NC mandrel machines at a much more affordable price , and get high quality bends still. It is just not as fast. The main thing if you are...
  16. CMLbend

    Rotary Draw Bender Recommendation

    I sent you a PM , hopefully I can be of assistance.
  17. CMLbend

    Can you radius bend 8020 Aluminum Extrusion?

    It sounds like Ries has the right Idea, To get the best Quality result I would suggest to Roll with a Delrin tool set and maybe put some internal polymer splines on the inside channel (the inside of the bend) or all four channels of the T if you have the time and material. I used to have a...
  18. CMLbend

    source for steel pipe/tube elbows?

    They use a mandrel bender for their elbows so there is minimal deformation and they are better quality.
  19. CMLbend

    Spiral staircase Handrail

    Check this out Ring Roll Attachments from CML-USA