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    Early Hendey Patent Numbers

    This is just an opinion; but I believe the cone bearing on the left end of the Hendy headstock was left there, in spite of the extra cost, for advertising reasons. Besides the Hendy management had a pretty good idea of the actual cost of the more complex bearing and could make a sound decision...
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    OT: Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    I had prostate cancer in 1996 (90% of the organ), had the standard prostatechtomy at the time and lost my ability to get a usable erection. What I didn't lose and kept pretty well into my 80's (I'm 85 now) was the ability to achieve a normal orgasm (albiet a little on the "dry side"). Maybe the...
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    possible Hendey salesman sample???????

    Oh what we could build if our lifetimes were infinite!! I am a bit bothered by the statement about how dirty and dangerous machine shops were. I think this is framed from the perspective of the Great Depression years when so many machine shops ran at a bare survival level and then were simply...
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    possible Hendey salesman sample???????

    11 years have passed and I'm the new owner of this jewel. I'm sure it's the same one, the picture of the wooden box has the same scratch marks near the two hooks as the one I have. I bought it on eBay from one of the dealers that sells stuff from estate sales. Paid more for it that any tool I've...
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    Cutting 4140 heat treated to Rc 50-55

    Rycut 40 Back in the 1960's a young engineer(me)worked for a pump company in their rotary (oil) pump department. Some pumps for abrasive/dirty liquids were made with a hardened steel shaft option. Those shafts were solid stepped diameters in the range of 1 to 3 inches depending on the size of...
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    Valuation of machine shop purchase.

    Value of a Gouge or Trade Secret?
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    Tips to drill a 1" deep #62 hole in a Grade 5 bolt?

    Looking at this from an engineer's perspective - The specs for grade 5 bolts don't say anything about hardness; so one has to assume there is going to be a substantial variation depending on who made them and when. One search I turned up indicated a variation of 25-34 Rockwell C. But since...
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    How much do you typically spend on equipment/improvements each year?

    Know where your costs are I'm not a machinist. I'm a retired mechanical engineer who made a good career out of, among other things, working with shops like yours. I was always shocked at how poorly shop owners understood their own costs and their willingness to operate from gut feel and let...
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    Creating Micro-screw from aluminium cast

    Lotta good ideas so far. I would tackle this job with a watchmaker's lathe. What? Your mechanical engineering lab technicians don't know about watchmaker's (jeweler's) lathes? In this world of ever more tiny structures that offer paths into new mixes of materials and mechanical design...
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    Creating a rough estimate of machining time without CNC-preparation

    When my friend Steve built that cost estimating spreadsheet 15 years ago it was a workbook of a couple of dozen sheets and some very complex macros. Took him a lot more than 80 hours. He was a career manufacturing engineer with a degree in Mathematics from the University of Chicago. The...
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    Creating a rough estimate of machining time without CNC-preparation

    About 15 years ago a fellow I worked with developed a fairly sophisticated Excel spreadsheet for our company to do just what you are looking at. I worked with it a lot myself and felt it was a pretty powerful way to estimate part fabrication costs. The purchasing department quickly lost...
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    Tap cutting over size

    I'm not a machinist. I retired from an engineering job in the semiconductor equipment biz that put me close to real machinists often enough to have a lot of respect for the breed. I never want to stop learning and got a bunch of good info from this thread. What I'd suggest here is that when all...
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    Going From Printed to Production

    Grimace. The expression on the face of anyone with experience in coding, crashing a numerical controlled machine tool or just working on a project with software engineers. All too often these days we come up with creative ideas and think that we can "throw them over the wall" and there will be...
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    Going From Printed to Production

    "Plus, the attitude among the engineers/designers is to do things themselves from bottom up. A 3D printer gives them that capability as they don't need to worry about manufacturability and run it through a machinist. They design and they print and they collect the part. Done." ........ cncdumm...
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    Going From Printed to Production

    3d printing, more thoughts I think you are looking pretty far into the future. There is far more to product development engineering than meeting performance requirements. Topology optimization is a neat descriptive term. But the challenge will always be parameter definition. The term "design...
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    Going From Printed to Production

    By the way, have any of you built machining, inspection or assembly fixtures by 3d printing of them? Ed Weldon
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    Going From Printed to Production

    cncdumm - Well, I was responding the statement "A machinist cannot make complex internal geometries on a mill or lathe." And kinda playing with words just to get the thinking on this subject out of the fantasizing box and into the real world. 3d printing with the current technologies is great...
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    Going From Printed to Production

    Quote: For example, if you designed a part with internal geometries and structures that only a 3D printer can produce, then only a 3D printer can produce this. A machinist cannot make complex internal geometries on a mill or lathe. ………. cncdumm Not so. Casting processes create internal...
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    Help with milling hole for bearing press fit?

    I just started reading this thread and I think I'm getting as much entertainment out of reading it as Doozer. Nice practical machining tips for a home shop machinist like me. But I have another hat that is on the coat rack gathering dust these days. 15 years of mechanical and manufacturing...