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    Mcam Solidwork vs draftsight

    Hi Karl In your Omax software try going to file then select import from other cad, does this then import correctly, failing that go to config at the bottom off the screen, go to load save and select ask to check scale before import.
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    The Flow vs Omax debate. Has it been settled? What has changed recently, if anything?

    I have 6 Omax machines and they are a license to print money if yOu know how to use and maintain them correctly, we no longer use our laser machines unless we have 1000+ components to cut, they use vast amounts of power
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    Anyone with GPO-3 cutting experience!!

    Hi there I would go for the fiberglass setting and also select low pressure piercing and brittle. A pull to open setup would also help you out. If you do start to have issues then try reducing the event and relay timings. I would start by reducing the figure in. The high pressure collom, time...
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    Waterjet - water filtration and cooling.

    Hi there If you are not cutting anything toxic for example lead then a simple laminar Weir system would work fine for most areas as long as this is maintained correctly. The dumped water is fine do go straight to drain on an open looped system as this is already filtered down to 0.45microns...
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    Waterjet - water filtration and cooling.

    Hi there You right the water coming from the ADO is hot due to the high pressure at the needle end, this would usually be routed directly back to the cutting tank, the close loop system is a different kettle off fish, I would recommend running without this if possible, unless you have water...
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    Waterjet selection

    Hi There. I have come across a few Techni waterjets over the year's, I have recently replaced 2 for a customer in Iceland and 3 in Ireland. These where swapped out for Omax and Omax/ Maxiem machines. The customers had issues with the machine unable to achieve tight tolerance and lack off tech...