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    Looking for manual/parts list for Haas? Rotary 4th axis. Model # unknown. 12" platter.

    Depending upon whether your encoder is TTL or push-pull, it would use 5 pins or 8 pins. Motor uses three pins (two power, one ground) and if there is a temperature sensor another one or two (could have common ground with the motor). If a Home sensor (two power, one signal) another pin. 14 pin...
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    Looking for manual/parts list for Haas? Rotary 4th axis. Model # unknown. 12" platter.

    Guessing it just uses O-ring seals. You can get O-ring cord from McMaster and make your own for the larger sizes. Table most likely sourced from a manual. My '91 VF-1 uses 14 pin connectors. Your rotary the same number of pins?
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    Yang CNC lathe Fanuc 0T Alarms

    I have a Slant Jr, with FANUC 0T and sometimes when powering up it gets an overload alarm. Apparently this is from an imbalance in the AC legs with the rotary converter. The machine has to be completely powered down and restarted. Details of servo alarm are shown in diagnostic numbers 720-727...
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    Alarm 254 Spindle Overheat - New encoder cable

    Manual 146 does not list cable 10004 as an adapter cable for magnetic encoders. Possibly your cable connects the temperature sensor to the wrong polarity?
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    90 degree thread?

    Essentially an Acme thread with a 0 degree face angle? Depending upon the depth, a groove tool would work.
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    Jog Lock A-Axis while Program Runs?

    It is simplest if your A axis has a brush motor, apply DC power to the motor leads. Adjust the voltage to get the speed you want. As stated in DH's link, a brushless motor requires three phase power. You can get three phase controllers from hobby suppliers. Most all hobby electric airplane...
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    Mikron Haas VCE 750 communication issues over RS-232 link

    From a web search, this is a Mikron with a Haas controller. The one I found says the control is from 1993 so likely similar to my '91 VF-1. On the laptops, check the Tx buffer size under the Device Manager. On mine, it has to be set down to 1. The older controls have a very limited buffer size...
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    What does it take to put BT40 tooling into a Fadal 4020 with cat40?

    My VF-1 has BT-40, this may or may not be relevant. The tool holder in the carousel is different and the tool zero height may be different also, so replacing one tool holder may cause it to crash when changing tools.
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    Hardinge CHNC Servo motor/system problems

    What voltage do the servos run on? Haas brush motors run on 160 VDC and if carbon dust gets in the windings it causes a short. Particularly a problem if you blow out the dust through the brush holders which pushes it into the armature. The armature needs to be washed with something that does not...
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    Turret spinning round and round

    Not familiar with Mazak but it must have some sort of switches for tool #1 and Geneva count. I would check that first.
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    OSE104 (Mitsubishi Encoder)

    Are those the capacitance encoders like the CUI AMT? Those have both ABZ (differential or TTL) and a serial UART output.
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    OSE104 (Mitsubishi Encoder)

    On encoders I have worked with, they are either TTL or push/pull (differential) output. Usually you can tell be the number of wires, one each for A/B/Z or two each, plus power. A differential RS-422 driver, such as an AM26LS31 is typical. Differential is more noise tolerant than TTL although for...
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    3D Printed Gears

    You could make replacements for those phenolic gears by molding using a single point broaching the teeth in a plate on a mill, bolting it down to another plate, use epoxy/carbon fibre fill, then a cover plate. Cycle time would be faster than printing and the accuracy is determined by the mold. I...
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    Involute spline generator?

    You can generate downloadable dxf files for involute gears at me-bac.com. Bottom of the page is a spur gear calculator. Input number of teeth, module, pressure angle, rack shift coefficient, and coefficient of fillet radius. Put in the torque and face width and it also calculates the tooth root...
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    TIlt to rotary table

    There are bolts at either end clamping the table to the base. Have not used it with the rotary yet but have machined angled manifolds using it.
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    TIlt to rotary table

    Lots of these available. Search "Mill Tilt Table"
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    How to Reverse DXF Face Normal?

    Got it, thanks.
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    How to Reverse DXF Face Normal?

    Do not have that option on 2012 but found a work around. Extract the edges of the sheet, unstitch it from the rest of the model, coon's patch the extracted geometry then stitch it on to the rest of the model.
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    How to Reverse DXF Face Normal?

    Any suggestions on how to do that? 2012 Gibbs. I could not find any panel that allows face normal reversal.
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    How to Reverse DXF Face Normal?

    Sculpting a 3D shape in AutoCAD2000. Other versions of the shape worked fine but the latest has two faces with reversed normal so when the file is brought into Gibbs the solid is composed of sheets with those two faces as rings facing inward. The shape is created by starting with a block and...