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    Post Processor Modifications

    Plain english is also the other issue lmao. He's Ukrainian.
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    Post Processor Modifications

    Hey guys. Do you have advice on getting a post processor modified and tailored to your machine? I am in a tricky spot here. We recently purchased a post processor from our Gibbscam retailer for one of our live tooled lathes. We needed to bring someone in to completely edit the code in order to...
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    1-7/8"-16 UNJ-3B Thread Minor Diameter

    Hello, I am looking for the minor diameter for 1-7/8"-16 UNJ-3B external threads but can't seem to find any info. Does anyone have any insight or a good reference you can point me towards? All charts I have found typically just list up to 1" Thank you.
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    3D Milling With Ballmill/Feed and Speed help

    gibbscam, my idea was milling about the C axis and having my ball mill dip and dive in x as I move along the Z axis. That was the tool pathing I came up with. I posted a picture of the part in another reply.
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    3D Milling With Ballmill/Feed and Speed help

    Ive been machining for 10 or so years but this is my first time milling 3d features.
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    3D Milling With Ballmill/Feed and Speed help

    Hey guys, I get to try my hand at 3D milling for the first time. Parts are Inconel. Essentially just milling three ears clocked 120 degrees onto a tube. Going to be doing these on a live tooled lathe with a 5/16 ball mill for roughing and a 1/8 ball mill for finishing (largest radius allowed)...
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    First Time Milling Inconel- Need Suggestions

    Going to be milling Inconel 625 for the first time and have only heard horror stories. Luckily I don't have much to mill. I just need to plunge .03" with a .075" diameter end mill and make 4 other small .01" deep slots with a .0625" end mill. Only really worried about the tiny end mills. Just...
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    Hello, Perhaps a stupid question and maybe I'm overthinking this- I've used taps for helicoils on the bridgeport before but never with CNC. When programming speeds and feeds for an STI tap (M10x1.5 in this case), is the pitch still the same? Would I still calculate based off the 1.5 pitch...
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    What does a # in G Code mean?

    Hello, I'm setting up a job here for a part the company runs every couple years. It was programmed a long time ago by someone who hasn't worked here in years. There is two different blocks in the code that I don't recognize. one reads #101=5, and the other reads #101=6. Can anybody tell me what...
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    Rotary Broaching for Beginners

    Hey guys, Going to be rotary broaching some hex's into some aluminum parts here for an in-house project. I broached some flathead screws many years ago as an operator when I used to work for a small fastener company, but that was long before I ever was doing any sort of set-ups/programming...
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    Cutter Comp issue on Doosan Mill with Fanuc Control

    I've replied to another comment with the code.
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    Cutter Comp issue on Doosan Mill with Fanuc Control

    Here is the generated code. I am using an offset path so that (theoretically) I don't need to start with any sort of comp and the cutter should cut where I want it to given everything is perfect. I did add .015" to my D comp entry and no changes were made. N4T4M6( TOOL 4 - 2.25 HSS DOVETAIL 45...
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    Cutter Comp issue on Doosan Mill with Fanuc Control

    Hello guys. I am using a dovetail cutter to mill both sides of a male dovetail feature. I am cutting roughly .015" too much on both sides. I used Gibbscam to program this. The largest diameter on the bottom of the dovetail is 2.25". I have a .25" line and a .25" radius entry move into the...
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    General Purpose Feeds and Speeds

    Hello guys, I'm looking for recommendations for graphics/charts/references on general purpose carbide end mill speeds and feeds. I'm rather new to this. Does it always come down to getting recommendations from the manufacturer or do standard uncoated carbide end mills usually run similarly...
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    NPT Pipe Tap Feeds and Speeds

    Hey Guys, I'm a relatively new programmer/machinist for a small shop. I've hand tapped NPT tapered threads before but have been tasked with programming them for the first time. I assume I'm overthinking it but just wanted to double check. I know to find out my feedrate for a standard thread...
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    Cheap CAD Recommendations

    Hey guys, I work for a small family owned job shop. We virtually never do any of our own drafting/print making because all of our work is from other customers. However we have run into a scenario where we need to make a few prints. I do all of our programming using Gibbscam which isn't very...
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    Peck Tapping on Doosan Mill

    Worked like a charm! Thank you, Sir
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    Peck Tapping on Doosan Mill

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to peck tap on my Doosan mill. Ive tried switching my G84 to G84.2 and adding a Q to my block but received an error code for the G84.2 I also tried just adding a Q value to my G84 and it stops at every Q value but does not retract. Any ideas where I start?
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    Hey Guys, Beginner Question

    Appreciate the feedback Dan. Have a great day!
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    Hey Guys, Beginner Question

    Thank you Doug. Good to know. Better ways to tell someone new they aren't using the forum properly.