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    Saved a planer from the scrapper

    Nice score! Handy looking beast.
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    Looking at a Browne and Sharpe #2 Plain Horizontal mill... thoughts?

    Went back and looked it over pretty thoroughly this morning. It appears as though I may be just taking it, never mind the 1200... there are several problems with it, that the owner agreed make it an iffy investment. I told him I'd enjoy tinkering with it, at least. Sounds like I'll go pick it...
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    Looking at a Browne and Sharpe #2 Plain Horizontal mill... thoughts?

    Thanks for weighing in, guys! Not gonna lie, it would be nice to have something from Browne and Sharpe in the shop. They do have a reputation. $750 with lots of tooling would be an awesome deal, $1000 in pieces sounds more typical for what would pop up around here. I bet that was quite a...
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    Looking at a Browne and Sharpe #2 Plain Horizontal mill... thoughts?

    A local machine shop who I've bought the occasional used machine from has a Browne and Sharpe #2 Plain, 5 hp for sale. I haven't given it more than a cursory look over yet. It's a little rusty here and there, no pitting or anything as far as I saw, and is 3 phase 440V (I have that). It has what...
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    **SOLD** Wells Index 847 QC30 taper w/DRO (NW Indiana)

    Mike scored. I love my Wells Index 887. Nice machines for sure.
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    help with Reed-Prentice lathe valuation/purchase

    Got an MIP there once, in my misspent youth :D but other than that, I just stop in for some good Thai food downtown if I'm passing through to Eugene or Cali etc.
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    help with Reed-Prentice lathe valuation/purchase

    I concur. Too expensive by at least half. Nice looking old lathe, but as others have mentioned hardened bedways and higher spindle speeds would be more appealing for that kind of money. I could see $2500, as I live in the PNW too and vintage machine tools are a bit more rare out here... but...
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    Deckel KF12 $750

    To the right person, that's still not outrageous. But $750 is great. It would be a nice big brother to have for my GK21.
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    Deckel KF12 $750

    Damn, tough crowd. I make money with my Deckel pantograph all the time. I'd love to have this, it's a good deal, wish it was a reasonable drive from washington though... Would you consider shipping this?
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    I now own a Deckel..

    Nice looking SO! I have one just like it, just spent some time on it today, sharpening a carbide single lip cutter with the diamond cup stone. Congrats on the acquisition!
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    FS: Charmilles D10 EDM, Ram Sinker Type Benchtop Machine w. Accupro DRO, Swiss made PRICE: $750

    Glad you ultimately got a response... I'm looking at a comparable used sinker EDM and I'd have had the same question, as my three phase is all from a Phase Perfect.
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    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    Seriously. Who tries to pull a load like this with a passenger car? Amateur hour, and a good thing no one got hurt for it. Sucks about the machine.
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    WTS: Kwik Switch 300 Tooling Lot $800 Shipped

    Some useful gear there to be sure, I have most of it already but if you'd be open to selling individual items at some point I'd be interested.
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    416 Stainless 2" & 2-1/4" Round x 10'

    Dang. If I lived close enough to drive I'd be all over some of those. Methinks shipping to Washington State could be prohibitive.
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    Round Dial 10EE FS on MArketplace in Michigan for $750

    I don't have anywhere to put it but I'd still have grabbed it... only it's approximately a half light year away from my shop.
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    Cincinatti #2 vertical milling machine

    Good lord, I wish you were within two states of me with that thing. How is there no one in the entirety of Mass who has not jumped all over this??
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    WTB: Small ZZ collets, Kwik-Switch 300 gear.

    Thanks Ken, I’ll give ya a call and see if you have some other KS 300 stuff I might use though…
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    WTB: Small ZZ collets, Kwik-Switch 300 gear.

    Thanks for the response Andy, I think I'm ok without a MT2 adapter for the time being! -Salem
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    WTB: Small ZZ collets, Kwik-Switch 300 gear.

    Hi all, I'm looking for specifically 3/16" and 5/16" ZZ double taper collets to round out my set of those... I know those are smaller than usual sizes but I do have 1/4" and 1/8" already. Also I could use some smaller sizes of Kwik Switch 300 endmill holders, and a 1" or 1.25" facemill arbor...
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    Pictures of Huge Machinery

    Great stuff. Here's a better direct link, Pinterest not involved. https://flashbak.com/jakob-tuggener-photographs-weapons-switzerland-factory-1943-world-war-2-398595/