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    WOT-red meat allergy /alpha gal

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    Machining aspect of reaming mig contact tips up to bigger size

    Been drilling em for decades. Getting rid of splatter and for upsizing. Easy to do but am doing just home shop level mig. No structural or pressure welding, and have nothing objective for quality of welds.
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    At Long Last, the New 12" Featherweight Prism/Straight Edge/Level/Parallel is a Reality!

    Apologies for yet another topic wander: what’s the reason for climbing Shuksan multiple times? Research?
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    FS Mag Chucks

    Sheeesh, the Winnipegers are on board today! Please PM me the amount you want on the check for the Eclipse. No rush on the shipping, whatever works.
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    Yeah, but can your new thread go to 21+ pages? Good thing PM discourages idle chit chat. :-) (I am curious how your ride is working out)
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    Exciting Lathe Move

    Oooo, not as sophisticated as Restaurant Massacree. I think Smokie’s version was the first I heard. While drunk on a rooftop bar in Kathmandu roughly 30 years ago. Wouldn’t mind going back. If I get your Cold Ethyl reference to be the Alice Cooper song topic, then I prefer Headstones. Or maybe...
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    Exciting Lathe Move

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Horizons Well, I have you to thank for sending me down a rabbit hole of interesting reading. Trying to learn if there’s any practical reason at all for your prof’s teaching re Pluto, and learned about the New Horizons probe. Which does have some titanium...
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    EG, thanks. That makes more sense. Have a friend who’s Hangzhou origin, often back. Pics look nice.
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    EG, you said Baoshan? Is that where you’re based. Up near Vladivostok?
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    Exciting Lathe Move

    I didn’t but my late friend B.H. bought several from that shop. Not sure if a TOS FNK25, a small Swedish radial drill, and a 20” Rockwell vertical metal bandsaw are machines you recall? There was welders as well, but memory is foggy on which ones. There was still an old South Bend and even older...
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    Exciting Lathe Move

    Several of my machines came out of local Universities. Difficult access made them cheaper for me. The Uni’s then (maybe different now) didn’t require licensed rigger so we did it ourselves. Was careful to clean up more than just our own mess afterwards and everyone was happy.
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    Exciting Lathe Move

    I helped a friend move a 14x40 Taiwanese lathe into his basement a few km from your old place. Only condition on my part was he would need to get another friend to help if he wanted to get it out. Good to see you have nicer friends/family than me! ;-)
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    Citing of heavy machine tool

    Holy Artificial Intelligence Batman!
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    Charles North Tx Shop build

    All that space, and a five ton hook! Drool! Have enjoyed watching your progress.
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    Including one that damn near killed my cousins. Did destroy their dream retirement house in Santa Rosa. No sympathy for electric companies that don’t do basic maintenance around their lines.
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    For Sale ! ! !

    You have several Deckel handwheels in pic #3. What are you asking for them and packing shipping to 58271. Please PM deets. Thanks, L7
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    Smart and Brown

    I normally wouldn’t post other people’s sales, but wow, colour perception must be different in my nation’s capital. On Ottawa Kijjiji.
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2574714/River-fire-Chinese-waterway-polluted-bursts-flame-lit-cigarette-thrown-it.html Damn. Sorry, EG. My country has also had its regrettable poor environmental issues. Hope everyone takes this issue more seriously.
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    Ok, EG, I’m going to have to criticize you for the Canada air quality comment. Our shitty air quality for much of the previous few year’s summers were from forrest fires. Not from our country’s coal electrical generation like China. Forrest fires directly caused by global warming. Caused by...
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    As I’ve already said, I’m all for ev cars if it works for the individual, but, sorry EG, one cannot call China’s laudable efforts with ev car percentage effective against carbon induced global warming. You must account for source of electricity. You seem to be avoiding acceptance of this fact...