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    Deckel FVT2 dividing head nose dimensions?

    So I thought the mating interface for the dividing head was the 45° taper on the bottom of the spindle and that the set screws pull the chuck or whatever onto that taper but apparently this is not the case? this is the self centering chuck on the dividing head and (maybe hard to see here) but...
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    Deckel FVT2 dividing head nose dimensions?

    Hi Ross, Thanks for looking - I'm surprised that the spiral milling attachment has a different interface, they look the same at a glance... my FP1 tool cabinet came with two chucks with the dividing head mount and I always assumed the second one was for the spiral milling attachment (which is...
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    WTB: Deckel dividing head tail stock

    I've got a spare kicking around - sent ya a message
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    Deckel FVT2 dividing head nose dimensions?

    Hi all, Does anyone have the actual dimensions of the deckel dividing head (FVT2 - the SK40 one) nose? Here's what I have - the stuff highlighted is kind of guessed and I would really appreciate some insight (please excuse the lousy drafting, it's friday evening and I am allowed to be lazy)...
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    Deckel roll engraving attachments GVW GVWU - instructions

    Yes I am missing the "tailstock", I figure if I ever need it I can probably figure out the dimensions and make it in a few parts, I suppose realistically if I need the support my GVW does have its tailstock and I could just use that instead. thanks for the offer though!
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    Deckel roll engraving attachments GVW GVWU - instructions

    I got the manual in a trade something like 5-6 years ago and as luck would have it, I picked up two roll engraving attachments about a year ago for 700$ cad. they look pretty hammered but I was stoked as these things are incredibly rare here. Given that there's not too much info on these online...
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    Deckel roll engraving attachments GVW GVWU - instructions

    Hi all, here's a scan of the deckel roll engraving attachment (GVW/GVWU) manual. I haven't been able to find this online so I hope this is useful to someone!
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    FP1 bogging down

    the horizontal spindle runs in a plain bearing as well - make sure you have oil in the gutters on either side of Y axis ram (beside the spindle) and it's not a bad idea to remove the horiz spindle to take a look at the condition of the bearings. the first FP1 I bought seemed to have been run...
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    Wanted ! ! !

    Hi all, I'm looking for: - a copy of "Friedrich Deckel 50 Jahre" (book) - a Deckel FP1 somewhat local (Toronto area - Ottawa - Montreal maybe). I did go see the one in Montreal Laurentian posted about in the "want to sell" thread... - Could also use a 1/8" collet for my G1L and a DIN1451...