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    Does anyone make a cordless electric drill?

    Everyone that I see has the stupid clutch on it. Edwin Dirnbeck
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    Does anyone make a cordless electric drill?

    Not only are they stupid,but they have become obsolete. All the tradesmen are useing impact drivers.Edwin Dirnbeck
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    Does anyone make a cordless electric drill?

    I just want a small super compact lightwieght hi speed cordless drill to drill many 1/8 and 3/16 holes for pop rivets. I do them by the hundreds.Once upon a time,they were called pistol drills and had a cord or an airhose comming out of them.Airplane factories had thousands of them.Edwin Dirnbeck
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    Does anyone make a cordless electric drill?

    I am looking for a simple drill ONLY.I dont want one with the stupid imaginary driver mechanism.Edwin Dirnbeck
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    Thanks to all that replied. The scknr,pcknr,mcknr type of bar is what I am looking for. Edwin Dirnbeck
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    Making a pocket in a boring bar to capture a carbide insert is beyond my welding skill.Edwin Dirnbeck
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    I am looking for a 3/4 or 7/8 or 1 inch lathe boring bar that will use the 100 degree corner of a cnmg insert. I will use this for THRU boring some very tough steel.I have hundreds of perfectly good corners. Does such a thing exist? Thanks in advance. Edwin Dirnbeck
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    How do they make 4-40 or smaller hex socket {alan } SET SCREWS?

    It seems as if they form the socket first ,it would distort when you roll the threads. If you roll threads first ,the threads would distort when forming the socket.Is the socket formed hot?
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    Best practices for lathe chuck cleaning/lube.

    MY OPINION, Dont waste your time. I have used three jaw chucks for 65 years.I curently have 5 new and used 3 jaws on my shop lathe. The only time that I have disasembled chucks is when they have been sitting ouside for years or were in the scrap bin, The internals of a 3 jaw are pretty well...
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    Wanted flat coil spiral spring , like from a gravity lift device

    Look up CONSTANT FORCE SPRING. I have two of these on an old Mcculloch verticle electric log splitter. They are tightly wound clock spring looking things. The splitting bar has about a 12 inch vericle travel.The CONSTANT FORCE SPRING allows you to move the heavy bar up and down with ease,just...
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    6-32 Taps...what did I do wrong?

    Whenever I see BOTTOM TAP ,I think that these CAD desingers should be required to wear a shocking dog collar that is activated when a BOTTOM TAP is required to make the part. Edwin Dirnbeck
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    6-32 Taps...what did I do wrong?

    The first 2 taps appear to be what is comonly called a HAND tap.No one in a tool and die or mold shop has used these in the last 50 years.The GOOD tap is a spiral point tap that EVERYBODY uses. Mcmaster also sells these. Also , the lazy bums that made your spiral point tap ,ground it between...
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    OT: Artemis launch tomorrow, have parts on it...pretty excited

    Thank you for such an uplifting reply,I was really feeling down in the dumps.Edwin Dirnbeck
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    General oiling, detergent or non-detergent oil

    Okay, here is what USUALLY happens. While you are thinking about getting the right oil,spindle oil? hi speed? low speed? ball bearing ? Plain bearing, Will the oil disolve the tin ,bronze? Your air conditioner blows up ,andnothing gets oiled for the rest of the year. In other words ,any oil is...
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    Grob Bandsaw: two blade slots in table

    Beautiful pictures,I hate doalls trunion design. I hate trunions period. But Grobs design is the best that I have seen.
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    Grob Bandsaw: two blade slots in table

    I thought it was april fools day,when I read your post about a 140 foot LONG SAWBLADE. I still would not believe it if I didnt see the pictures.The catalogue says that the blade is wound helicaly (like thread on a spool),so how did the do this ? Did the upper and lower wheels (drums) move...
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    Which dial caliper to trust? (This was worded as "dial indicator" before. In the end a dial is a dial)

    This is a profesional machinist forum. A real machinist wouldnt try to measure tenths of thousanths of an inch with a caliper.YES,YES it is possible if time and patience dont matter.Edwin Dirnbeck
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    Mobil Vactra #2 Shortage??

    There is no "shortage" of anything. It is the latest buzzword. It works for a while. Just quit making it. People must have ,will pay more, less wear and tear on the producers.It only works until someone steals your market.Look at all the clapped out machines for sale. They didnt fail because...
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    How to deal with the proliferation of 3d printed nonsense?

    Traditional die cast plastic and metal "stuctural" parts are ugly AND loose half of their strength because one side is allways open,exposind the ribs. IN THE NEAR FUTURE,designers will be able to design MASS PRODUED PRINTED PARTS.The parts will be made to funtion,with no consideration given to...
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    Turning a bearing race?

    I have done it a few times. I think that I might even have started a thread and posted pictures on this or the other forum. Any old carbide will do, Turn it as fast as your lathe will go use a sharp pointy insert . If you are trying to turn the O,D, of a medium size ball bearing such as a 1 1/4...