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    Creating a decision tree for internal customer so they can decide what work to send me and what work to outsource.

    Somewhere near the beginning of this thread you said you had one engineer give you a 4 month task. Later you said you have 1000 (or 10,000 ?) potential internal customers. Say it is 1000, then on average each gets 2 hours of your time per year. 4 months is 660 hours of your time. As I see...
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    You forgot the 1/2 factor in 1/2 mv^2 Also I'm not sure if the 93,000 tons is 2000 pound tons or 2200 pound tons.
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    Slick Move, Slowing Economy Tactic

    Sorry for the tangent, but I just noticed your (new?) avatar, @EmGo . I have to say, PM is about the last place I expected to see Viv Stanshall. /Tan...
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    Conversion dials

    Too bad the earth wasn't 0.8% bigger, then the conversion would have been 25.6 mm/inch; and 256 gives factors of 2 all the way down.
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    OT What's up with all these phone calls from odd ball callers

    If everyone had to pay for calls, even just 1 or 2 cents per call, all of this would stop. I make probably less than 10 calls a week. So for 10 bucks a year...
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    Is physics always right? Water pressure dilema

    Hmm do you think the first partition, that made the tank 3 feet front-to-back, do you think that affected the force on the front wall? How would it?
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    Is physics always right? Water pressure dilema

    I'm a lurker here so no credibilty, I know. But consider this: you have an aquarium 8x6 feet and filled 3 feet deep. Up above, the force on the 8x3 foot front wall is calculated as 2500 pounds or thereabouts. If you insert a partition or divider three feet back from the front wall, does that...