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    Fadal 914-15 Disassembly

    How small of a doorway? I have have removed the spindle motor to reduce head height but anything more than that may not be better than enlarging the doorway.
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    Need to change out the ball screws on my 2003 FADAL 4020?

    No reason you can't do one axis at a time. If you have an extended Z, make sure to replace the bearing at the very end.
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    Battery issue? on TRM

    You'll need to solder in a new battery. Just google "Fadal CPU battery" make sure you get one with leads.
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    Insight on Fadal "Check Spindle Lube, Way Lube, and Air Pressure"

    If your machine is a 2007, It should have the PDI system. Since its an intermitant problem, I would inspect the pump and energizing solenoid. I have had operators remove the screen to fill it faster and that caused debris problems.
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    Fadal 3016L not going into highspeed...

    I had a VMC 20 with the 7500rpm motor and the delta/wye contactors. Never had any issues with hi/low changes. There is a parmeter for the spindle. Perhaps its not configured correctly.
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    Too those that have one, Would you recommend the Okuma Genos L300M lathe?

    I want to replace my three aging 20hp Hyundai's with something less than ten years old. The Okuma Genos L300M fits the mold perfectly and I would buy used untill I could swap all of them out. ( I'm a manufacturer, not a job shop if that makes a difference ) So throw out your opinions and let me...
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    Help to ID cold saw

    Sure looks like an old Doringer to me.
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    Tune rigid tap?

    Try This
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    Fadal drive swapping and repair

    Yes, You can swap amps,cards and motors between any of the three axis to troubleshoot a problem. ITSCNC was one of the original vendors for Fadal and they do repair and new sales for most electronic stuff.
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    "FKD JAPAN" countersink

    FUKUDA SEIKO CO., LTD. I have a few of their cutters I got off ebay. You can View a PDF of their catalog in english on the web.
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    Shop Shut Down Maintenance

    Back up all Machine parameters!
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    Live tooling driver out of alignment on duplamatic turret vdi30 din 1809

    I assume you clocked the driver to the same position when you reinstalled it? If not, the slot on the tool driver won't line up to allow turret rotation. You can't adjust the driver. It is pinned to the Mounting plate which is pinned to the Turret. You can loosen the bolts holding on the tool...
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    '96 FADAL VMC 4020 spindle orientation failure help

    Have you tried seeeing if the switch goes high or low as it passes the sensor? Type DI, enter. Then DS to dispaly switches. (Typing X gets you out of this screen) Spin the spindle to see if one of the number changes. ( I don't remember which one is spindle magnet)
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    Fadal Hi/Lo Shift Cylinders

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    Duplomatic Tool Turret adjustment

    Exactly this. Pull the dowels pins and loosen the bolts to allow the tool disc to rotate into the correct position,then tighten the bolts. I usually put an indicator in the spindle and sweep the VDI hole where the tool sits to get it on center.
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    Fadal 4th axis wiring diagram

    Does This Help? https://www.fadalcnc.com/media/pdf/tech_docs_1/Wiring_Diagram/4th_Axis_Servo_Options.pdf or https://www.fadalcnc.com/media/pdf/4th_Axis_Inhibit_Circuit_Verification.pdf
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    2000 Fadal 4020 Spindle Issues

    Anytime I move a Fadal, I clean all the contacts on the control cards in the rack and make sure they are fully seated. This greatly reduces the chance of any strange error messages on initial start up. If someone didn't actually change the wires from the encoder to the control spindle control...
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    Duplomatic BSV n200 8 station turret acting up

    Glad to hear it was just a switch. If you order one from Duplomatic, It comes in a Balluff bag that tells you the part number. (See PIC)I just get spares from automation direct for about $20 each. They are 8mm threaded PNP with an indicator LED.
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    Duplomatic BSV n200 8 station turret acting up

    Post the results after you replace the contactors
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    Duplomatic BSV n200 8 station turret acting up

    The turrets I have are on Hyundai 20 hp lathes that were all built around year 2000. I always check the easy stuff before I decide to open up a turret.I have never had a PLC problem but I have had a locking control switch that would read a microsecond too slow and this would intermitantly fail...