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    Removing the ERO encoder from the 2038 universal table

    Yes the connection wires need to be unsoldered from the PCB board. It is nearly impossible to get the wire with the Harting pins trough the casting.
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    VMX42i spindle and toolchange position

    Hi Doug, thank you very much I have been to holidays so sorry for my late reply. I have changed the spindle bevor you posted and had to trick out the Hurco out a little bit. But the Z Axis change position is off a little bit. I will change that this week. Thanks for your help. Stephan
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    VMX42i spindle and toolchange position

    Hi folks, I have a 42I with a dead spindle. Due to long wait times from Hurco I must change the spindle. I normally do DMG machines so the Hurco is not my favorite. It is a 2016 model with winmax controle and Yaskava drives. I have two questions: How can I adjust the tool change position of the...
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    wrong pleas delete

    pleas delete
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    Problem with table DMU 60P

    Hi, This table has no worm gear!!! Just screwing off the top plate and pulling it out with a crane will cause serious damage to the system!!! How can you dare to give such advices if you have absolute no idea how this table is build? I just wonder why. Obviously the table has no mor preload in...
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    DMU70 Evolution TNC430M coolant disable Machine parameter?

    No there is no parameter for that You have to bridge that. Regards Stephan
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    FP4NC/A central lube issue

    The IG 38 is complex relay. It does not only count that pressure is high at some point of the cycle it also counts when the pressure gets high... It might be that the relay is bad and that timing is no longer correct. So I would ty to change it out.
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    FP4NC/A central lube issue

    They are all marked with a number 3 so they are identical. It simply doesn’t matter where you screw them in. By the way the number 3 means a distribution of 0,03 cm³ per stroke. Kind regards Stephan
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    Attach HR410 Handwheel to 99 DMG DMU50V

    It is no problem. But it depends on your hardware what you need. There were 3 versions running the V400 SW. Oldest one with KIC board beside the monitor, second version KIC board under the keyboard and at least one with Heidenhain LE hardware. So if you tell me your HW type I tell you what you...
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    Refering to the "Iron Tour" post 107 Should Ruemema advertise with prices or not

    A price tag or not is a really hard question. At the one side the customer can see this is in my price league and buy. But if there is no price tag you are only looking for the technical specs and the seller has a chances to explain why the price is as it is. And I must really say that the price...
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    FP3A dialog 11, wont start up!

    It should be no problem to get the correct parameters for your machine. Could you tell me your machine number and your software version. Then I can look take a look for them. Perhaps you have to try out some configuration words. But when you are the FIRST owner of that machine why do you have...
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    manual FP3A CNC

    Hallo, ich will ja nichts all zu böses sagen aber das hier ist ein ENGLISCH sprachiges Forum. Also lerne etwas ENGLISCH oder poste auf Deutsch in einem deutschen Forum! Gruß Stephan
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    CNC Deckel with Bosch AC drive system- Anyone here have this ?

    No I did not know that they have them as PDF. I should contact them for the German version. Fooling the control is easy. Just short switch the two BT signals. All the non “A” version Dialog 11 machines had Bosch drives. The early versions had also Bosch motors for axis and Kessler motors for...
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    CNC Deckel with Bosch AC drive system- Anyone here have this ?

    I have several machines with that drive system. Questions?
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    Service on my FP5NC vertical Head

    Regrease is okay. But you should also do this with the lower gear ones and the ones in the spindle.
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    Service on my FP5NC vertical Head

    You are too fast. Yes seal in the rotary union is standard. Your bearings have play because you have dissembled them! The bearings are paired together but I have also replaced them with not paired ones.
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    Service on my FP5NC vertical Head

    I have not red all the comments above so excuse me if I iterate something. Leaking oil from the drawbar comes in 90% of all cases from the rotary union. If you are sure that it is not dissemble the rotary union und replace seals in the cylinder. Dissembling the drawbar is not easy sometimes...
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    Need som help with a deckel Fp3A D11

    Send me your mail address I can mail it.
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    Need som help with a deckel Fp3A D11

    You can use ONE CNC NC Link ore also TNC Remo from Heidenhain Before you start resending the machine parameters you need to set the rs232 parameters under settings at your Dialog 11. The rest is really simple and nearly self-explanatory. If anything goes wrong during the transfer clean the...
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    Deckel CNC E Stop circuit question (w/ schematic scan)

    I think it are positively driven contacts.