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    Suitable insert for CDS tubing.

    The customer supplied the material, eh? Been there, done that. :-) Maybe time to have a talk with the customer ? Has this material been successfully turned into bushings before or is this left over from another job, an economy move? My $.02: I'd be looking for a different material, with the...
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    WOT-red meat allergy /alpha gal

    The 6' distance has been superseded, due to knowledge gained since. What's the problem?
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    US General Toolbox

    I have one of those and love it. 24" deep is very handy. Can't help you with the rollers though - I took them off and it sits on the floor. It has a 200lb weight capacity per drawer - not a Lista, but works well for me.
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    WOT-red meat allergy /alpha gal

    Yeah, good luck with that!
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    Score at the scrap yard and how to cut this?

    Torching anything that needs machining afterwards would be my last choice, always. YUCK! Terrible dimensions, never square, wasted material and time, deposits guaranteed to mess up your tooling. If the slag is ground away to save the tooling, the embedded abrasive will still do damage. Then...
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    Not capacitor the n what?

    Only one capacitor?
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    Saved a planer from the scrapper

    Fluid Film makes a cable and chain lube, too.
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    80's vintage Bridgeport Interact Series 1 CNC mill converting single phase to 3 phase

    Yeah, Gustafson and JST are right about the VFD - dunno what I was thinking. Wasn't, obviously. If eebj doesn't mind substituting a rotary phase converter for the VFD, that'd be simpler, could be cheaper. Wire it up to the machine the same way the VFD is. Best to have a line phase powering the...
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    2017 Kent Lathe TRL1340 - Vermont

    Nice lathe, I wish I had the room for a lathe that long. It's in better shape than the shorter one I have, that's for sure, and couldn't be closer to home. Good luck with it!
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    Rare Kent angle surface grinder at HGR

    Ugh. Hit hard enough to maybe bend a shaft and /or trash the spindle bearings, too?
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    2017 Kent Lathe TRL1340 - Vermont

    Gap bed lathe? Where in VT?
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    80's vintage Bridgeport Interact Series 1 CNC mill converting single phase to 3 phase

    A rotary phase converter could be simpler, but let's try to get this VFD running for you first. You've got that right. That's the inrush current to the main transformer. Setting the VFD overload protection as high as it will go might solve that problem. Gustafson wrote: Yes, exactly.
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    What collets does the Rivett 1020s use?

    There was a special that used 22j collets, but you prob would have noticed that. They're huge- 2-3\8' body diameter.
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    80's vintage Bridgeport Interact Series 1 CNC mill converting single phase to 3 phase

    If you're lucky, the VFD will accept a 5V signal from the control and spindle speed can be changed within the part program. If not, you're stuck with changing spindle speed manually and an RPC will work equally well.
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    OT. What adhesive to use for a PTO friction plate?

    I believe the glue used to bond brake pads and shoes is phenolic and that it requires baking to cure. No experience with it myself, just saw it in "Yank Tanks" :)
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    Industrial Rotary Tumbler Machine?

    Yes, you could tumble rocks with it. Metal tumblers are coated on the inside with rubber to prevent the rocks (and media) from grinding holes in the drum. With use, the lining wears away and needs replacement, which is expensive, so the remaining . thickness of the lining is the most important...
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    Second shift drama

    Not talking about pay is just a management ploy so workers have one less negotiating asset. It's against US law for employers to forbid it, unions are transparent about pay. Tells you all you need to know, right there. Management wants to pay less, employees want more. It's in all employees best...
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    bridgeport interact 1 spindle stutter issue

    The OEM spindle motor is a 3 phase induction motor, no brushes involved. Crunch- if you could post a pic of the motor nameplate, we could tell you if it's original or not. At least you got some change after the cleaning, which is a hint. Could be that there's a loose connection somewhere that...
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    bridgeport interact 1 spindle stutter issue

    Could it be that the brake is acting errratically? EMO string problem? Given that the spindle motor is turned on manually, there's almost no difference between manual and auto as far as the drive and control is concerned. And the fact that the states flip after repowering up could mean it has...