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    Okuma MX-45VAE Height with spindle down??

    Found the answer if interested. The MX-45VAE will fit through an 8ft tall opening if you take off the motor that controls Z and drop the spindle all the way down. The frame of the machine will be about 94". My ceiling is 109". According to the Okuma manual, the total operational height is...
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    WTB. Okuma VMC 2000-2004 w/ OSP- U10 OR U100 control on East Coast

    I have an Okuma Lathe and have gotten comfortable with the control. Looking for an Okuma VMC from 2000-2004 with a OSP U10 or U100 control. Looking on the east coast as moving logistics are easier. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks Matt
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    Okuma MX-45VAE Height with spindle down??

    I need to add a VMC to my tool collection and an Okuma MX-45VAE is for sale near me. The factory specs say 106" tall but I need to get it through an opening 8ft tall. It will reside in a room 109" floor to ceiling. If someone has one of these, can they tell me if it will shrink to 8ft with...
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    ES-L10 Lathe W/OSP-U10L USB upgrade

    I purchased the USB upgrade kit from Okuma and got rid of the old floppy. I couldn't figure out how to get programs on the thumb drive and into the control. It took days of reading and troubleshooting and I saw every data error code the lathe has. Finally figured it out and wanted to pass on...
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    Okuma Lathe OSP-U10L zero offset question

    Thanks Booze, I think I have it now. I wasn't wrapping my brain around the x-value being diameter. I was thinking in X/Y/Z like a mill. On the "Actual Position" page the numbers threw me off. If I moved the tool 1" in the Z, the DRO would indicate 1" moved, If I moved the cutter 1" in...
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    Okuma Lathe OSP-U10L zero offset question

    I'm new to Okuma and CNC lathes. I purchased a 2002 ES-L10 lathe with the U10L control. I'm trying to understand the way this lathe uses zero and tool offsets. I've read the manual but I'm still confused. In the Zero Set Page, I placed my master tool (T0101) at the top/face (not center) of...