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    MH300 - Z (vertical) axis handwheel drive shaft mystery bolt

    I can't tell either - it was already drilled out to ~5mm below the casting surface. I'm trying to understand what it was originally - since there are definitive signs of some failed past repair or modification.
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    MH300 - Z (vertical) axis handwheel drive shaft mystery bolt

    One clue I've found in MH400 manual and This Old Tony's video was that there might be a sprag clutch bearing here keeping the table from creeping down from vibrations on it's own. His machine is very different though (MH400P vs my MH300M). MH400M manual also seems to indicate that there might...
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    MH300 - Z (vertical) axis handwheel drive shaft mystery bolt

    Hello, On my MH300 Z axis handwheel shaft extension I have something that looks like a sheared bolt somebody tried to drill out (and failed). Do you have any ideas what could have been there? Thanks!
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    Maho MH300 - 1/100 feed.

    Hello, Some of the MH300M’s, including mine, have 1/1-1/100 switch on the control box - described as “normal feed/slow motion”. Do you know how this was supposed to work? Was it really 1/100 range, where max feed at this setting was 5mm/min? Thanks!
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    Maho MH300 vertical head alignment pins

    Thanks for the advice! My only worry is that these pins are for example threaded (but I doubt it, since it won't be precise then) or there is some other retention mechanism - and trying to pull it I'll end up with broken bolt inside.
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    Maho MH300 vertical head alignment pins

    That's correct, but unscrewing these does not loosen anything. There is another, bigger thread inside accessible after I remove these bolts. Maybe to screw another bolt in and pull out the pins? I haven't tried anything brutal yet.
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    Maho MH300 vertical head alignment pins

    Hey, Detaching and attaching the vertical head on my MH300 is more difficult that I think it should be - seems like it's sitting very tight on the two alignment pins. I was curious if these pins are adjustable by any chance? Maybe a bit of eccentricity? Do you know how to remove these pins, if...
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    Retrofitting MAHO with Eurotherm/Parker 512C - issues

    Hey, I recently acquired Maho milling machine without the original Axodyn BBC 05 LE driver for the feed pancake motor. I was planning to replace it with Parker 512C for tacho-metered feeds. Unfortunately, after hooking it up today in autotransformer setup (230VAC AUX with 90VAC MAINS not to...
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    Maho 300 feed motor controller - wiring diagram

    Hey, I recently purchased used MAHO (I believe) 300 - unfortunately without the original BBC LE 10 b-E feed motor controller and only simple PWM DC driver, without any tacho feedback. I am hoping to re-do this system to actually take the tacho into account, but first I'd like to understand how...