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    Start a (cnc) machine shop for $40k

    Haha I totally understand - I just didn't want anyone to think they weren't welcome should they like to do so!
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    Start a (cnc) machine shop for $40k

    Forum members are always more than welcome to contribute! If anyone is interested in filming a shop tour, writing technical articles, helping spread knowledge, there is always room. There have been posts from PM before asking if anyone would like to film a tour, and there have been some awesome...
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    5axis Meltio on a HAAS?

    What challenges are you currently facing with your Meltio integration? I'd be interested to know. It would be great if you could share them publicly here so we can all see - otherwise you may have just answered your own question as to why most applications with these machines tend to be fairly...
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    Have you ever met a machinist that was better than you?

    If you'd ever like to, we're always looking for contibutors to the channel!
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    Have you ever met a machinist that was better than you?

    > Have you ever met a machinist that was better than you? Hundreds, likely thousands. There is so much incredible talent out there, and so many shops doing good work. I've never even touched a 5-axis or a Swiss, and there are people out there that could machine circles around me on a 3-axis CNC...
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    Machine Tool Show, April 8-12

    Hey now, I'm actually a 35 year old boy.
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    What’s the longest you’ve ever been “slow”?

    2020 was the worst I've seen - that whole year was brutal. This fiscal year (May 2023 to April 31 2024) isn't nearly as bad, but it's been far, far slower. A few customers went the bottom-feeder route which made them non-viable, but diversification in the customer base through sales has picked...
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    How much has cold calling / knocking on doors improved your sales?

    Pure cold calling / emailing is a total numbers game and you need to approach it like that. 98% of "potential customers" either already have a supplier they've been dealing with for years, don't actually have needs that suit your capabilities, already have a kickback sweetheart deal with Joe...
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    Machine Shop Supervisor, 2nd Shift

    Great idea, thank you very much for the recommendation! This is actually something I have some fairly strong opinions on as well - I've touched on it in previous videos but I think it's always topical - especially with the apparent race to the bottom now not only coming from the purchasers but...
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    slowest summer in our 20 years.

    Work for us has gone from zero to a hundred over the last three weeks. We're small so it doesn't take much to keep us busy - at first it was mostly just last minute orders from our customers needing everything before Christmas break (of course) - but now we're starting to see some larger orders...
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    Haas st-30 spindle vibration

    Are you running a draw-tube? We have an ST-28Y and straight from the factory it would vibrate when the RPM's got over 1500 because the coupler where the draw tube attaches was made crooked. Check to see if yours is properly attached if you're running one. Not pleased at all with current build...
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    Gifts to send to long time customers and vendors. What have you done?

    Almag - one of the biggest aluminum extruders around here - does this every year, and it's always a hit. Apparently they have a yearly in-house design contest where they challenge the engineers to include as many neat / challenging features in the extruded design, and the winning design gets...
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    slowest summer in our 20 years.

    I've been experiencing the same thing. 2022 - I could throw virtually any *reasonable* price at a job and get it. This year there's been huge drop-off in conversions from RFQ's to PO's. I know that one of my bigger customers from 2022 hired two new purchasers who are intent on "making their...
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    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    I should add too that if anyone here wants to create some content, I know for a fact that people would benefit from it and the knowledge base here - please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you're interested!
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    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    Appreciate the question! Definitely wouldn't consider myself the face of PM if it counts - there are quite a few people doing content for Practical Machinist (Steve Michon, Marc from G-Code Tutor, the Wolfingers from Mil-Spec) - I had my own YT channel previously (LetsMachine) and was asked...
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    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    You're not wrong - when it comes to tooling videos, I usually try to find some kind of angle to make it entertaining / informative - or at least attempt to convey something besides "here, look at these tools cut." As is brutally apparent, sometimes I would do better just by letting the tools do...
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    yet another STUPID video from practical machinist youtube page

    All, thank you for the feedback on the video. There were a lot of places I could have done a lot better, and I'm planning on shooting another to do it justice. As some pointed out, it wasn't supposed to be a straight 1 to 1 "which is faster" video - just a way to think about different ways of...
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    who's the user on the PM youtube vids?

    That's me, actually! Ian Sandusky from Lakewood Machine. I used to have an old account here which I can't remember the login email for (it was quite some time ago) - I used to be around in that era though! Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad it seems like I'm hitting the right notes with...