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    Books on machine tool design with examples of lathe gearboxes or cross slides?

    Have you looked at "The Metal Lathe" by David Gingery?
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    Mixing processes (machining, welding, wood) in a 1200 sqft shop?

    I got curious so just measured my shop. 22' to the ridge. First floor walls are 9'-6" with truss on top of walls so that is clear working room. Second floor has a short angled ceiling section on each side due to 9/12 pitch. A higher pitch would have made the trusses too wide for the...
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    OT: Vacation in N Central MA Last Week of June 2024. What to See & Do?

    Springfield Armory Museum is on my maybe-one-day list.
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    Except that this was yet another perfect example of Murphy's Law. If the engines had run for another 60 seconds, or the wind was blowing the other way, the ship would have just drifted under the bridge and everything would have been fine. I was reading that near the France, English Channel...
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    No. According to the reports the bridge structure, and the concrete/steel roadway weighed 3 to 4000 tons that was on the ship had the bow firmly pinned to the bottom. The channel is 50 feet deep (probably less where the bow was, being outside the channel) and the ship drew something like 35 so...
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    Mixing processes (machining, welding, wood) in a 1200 sqft shop?

    My shop is the same size as yours but has a 12' wide second floor. Easy to design the trusses for that. Most of my heavy tools are on custom pallets and have a "parking space". If I need more room for cutting some long stock on the bandsaw I have a pallet jack and roll it out. Table saw and...
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    They try to tell people it's a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge, and hope people will not notice it's not bright orange? Really?
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    Huh? Have you ever seen any of the tv shows that have been done on Controlled Demolition projects? It doesn't get blown into 10,000 little pieces. The extremely experienced CDI engineers who have been doing this kind of work for 75 years design small linear shaped charges that are strapped to...
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    I would be hard pressed to believe that “consideration for marine life” is going to merit ANY consideration.
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    Ot...ship hits bridge

    Controlled Demolition is headquartered just north of Baltimore. Takes a very small, carefully designed charge to cut through a beam. I'd expect they will be called in if they haven't already to assess the situation.
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    There's a whole chapter in Hatcher's Notebook about headspace. That was back when there was a bunch of "I wonder what happens if we do this.." being done by the Army Ordnance department. Looks like under $20 can get you a copy from eBay. Very interesting reading.
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    Building a new wooden floor, cost effectively

    For my shop I put down 2" thick Formular XPS under slab insulation board, IIRC the 40 PSI rating ones but might have been 60. Then 6" concrete on top for machines and vehicles. Nice and level and in 18 years there has been no compression of the foam. Add some rubber mats near the work areas...
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    How simple can CNC Machining get?

    Since it sounds like you are at Square 1 my suggestion would be to call around and see if your local public library or maybe community college has a 3D printer that you can use. Then create an account on TinkerCAD and make some objects, download and get them printed. This will be a nice free...
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    Could your shop make artillery rounds?

    When I was an artillery officer we used to joke "Green paint is very expensive". Not sure of the current price but in the 1980s a .50 cal round was $3 each so $6000 today sounds like a good deal. If you really want expensive you should see the prices of the red painted parts used by a nuke unit.
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    USB small inspection cam?

    Another thumbs up for the Depstec. The picture is a little fuzzy and the distance for best picture quality is pretty narrow. If you want this to inspect for hairline cracks inside a cylinder this may not be the choice. If you drop a bolt behind the exhaust manifold it is perfect for guiding...
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    Moisture in the shop; how do you combat it?

    Garwood and Jim have covered it. Step one is to seal the building as completely as possible. If you are running a couple of air changes per hour the dehumidifier is just using up electricity. Yes, the garage door is a huge challenge but put all your effort into sealing first. If you feel...
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    O.T. Firearm Backgroun Check Delay

    When I got a new SCCY CPX-1 I was wondering if I needed to modify my hydraulic press to get rounds into the mag. Turns out this is common with those mags and I'm sure others. I took an 8" piece of wood and trimmed it to fit inside the mag. Then stood the mag on my workbench and used the piece...
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    O.T. Firearm Backgroun Check Delay

    The deletion of the NICS checks was required because it was obvious that without the mandatory deletion the Democrats were simply going to keep the records forever and "Ta Dah!! Instant Federal firearms registration database". No idea why some folks in the country can't figure out that you have...
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    O.T. Firearm Backgroun Check Delay

    It’s not really odd if you know the history. When Clinton wanted to appease his supporters by “doing something” about gun violence he knew he couldn’t get a standalone gun control bill passed. So he created a Violent Crime Act which included a large amount of money for new prisons, money for...
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    Why has everyones location changed to a city?

    Aha! So I just went into my Account Details and there are fields for Company, City, State, Country. I filled them out and now the city shows up. Must have been a recent software change to show City instead of Location. Mods - if you are going to show City you might want to show state also...