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    Folders on Brother Speedio

    Call SubProgramms that are not in the same folders, is one of the new possibility with the new Brother Control D00 There is 2 user parameters for setting folders for search sub-prog if not found in the current folder of the main programms. I use to set : BLUM( or RENISHAW) and MACROS as the 2...
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    Mazak QT 8 Spindle Parameters T2 Control

    If your machine is not a M model (Milling spec, means C axis and by the way, Disk brake, the only way to 'Lock' Spindle rotation is orient command : M19 Sometimes available M19 S1200 for Orient 120° after 0 encoder signal Some mchines are with M19, others with M219. Sometimes also, some...
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    Grinder mode on 640MT

    Here programming way on: Integrex Matrix/ Smooth are Milling Center family / Lathe Family on 640 MT Matrix/ Smooth : (Action) Expected translate for 640 MT M200 (Milling Mode) M200 M610 (Grinder...