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    Yaskawa Drive

    Try removing the motor wires, that will rule out the motor. Cooking sounds like a smoked cap, resistor or transistor. All of which will show heat marks, should be easy to find. What caused it is another thing all together. If it starts with an alarm, something sounds dead shorted. I have Mk2 and...
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    Yaskawa Drive

    Overload or over current or over voltage? . If you have a burnt smell, I should be easy to find. Did it happen on accel or decel? The MT3 uses encoder for.orient, if your Matsurra uses a resolver it won't work, older Matsurra also used a hall type sensor and a magnet, they called it a magneto...
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    Yaskawa Drive

    Acdrivelayna in NC. Vanna is half the price of others. She does good work, she used to work for Yaskawa. That is an MT2B ? What alarm is #7? Most of the issues on these drives are on the second board. There is a row of transistors along the edge, they are E90 Fairchild I believe. These short...
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    Early 90s Kitamura myc 4

    Actually not that down under, Melbourne FL.....not a huge hub of manufacturing. I do small runs and tooling, repairs lots of prototypes. I have an early 80s Matsurra that runs every day, not fast but reliable. It's had its fair share of Yaskawa issues , most of which I have figured out how to...
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    Early 90s Kitamura myc 4

    I'm curious as to the failure rate of the earlier red cap/ac servo systems. I've had horrible luck with Yaskawa and have not heard stellar reviews on Mitsubishi. I take it the 11m is at the same performance level as the Yaz X3 , Mitsubishi M5 or Dynpath 20? The earliest ac servos are analog...
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    Early 90s Kitamura myc 4

    I'm considering a late 80s early 90s Kitamura myc 4. Machine has a Fanuc 11m, ac servos. Looking for opinions on the control and servo reliability, common issues these machines have. I do small runs, not worried about speed, looking for reliability .Machine will be replacing a Tree 1050. Done...
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    Spotting counterfeit Iscar inserts

    Ugh...It's replys like this that make me regret sharing info. What is this Facebook? I doubt anyone goes on eBay with the intention of buying stolen property. What a stupid reply.
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    Sometimes youre the Hammer other times youre the nail

    Make sure the nut on the ball screw that is on the thrust bearing is tight. I had one loosen on a Daewoo. Next bolts on the ball nut, couplers are tight and have no backlash in them. If it has Lovejoy type couplers, look into the spider for being broken.
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    Spotting counterfeit Iscar inserts

    Except for the giant chunk missing off the back😉.. got its ass kicked facing .04 of 1018.
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    Spotting counterfeit Iscar inserts

    Ok now, so you see these deals on eBay and Amazon for boxes of new top name inserts for $25 a box. Some are legit, swiped from a place of employment, maybe in the box of a retired guy. Most however are fakes. Listing for $25 a box , guy has 20 boxes. Sounds like BS and it is. Pic below shows...
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    Sometimes youre the Hammer other times youre the nail

    I had a similar issue last year on a little Hardinge. Parts kept moving in size in Z. Checked the coupler, replaced the thrust bearings, checked for backlash in the screw, swapped out the encoder board. Same... I took the encoder apart, a cap died and puked electrolytic on the glass. I...
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    Help with GOV contracting.

    There are very few solicitations that will allow you to download drawings with out the JCP. I have not dived any deeper into the work with export controls on them. I'm sure it's more forms and security checks. Both dibbs and Waft are getting more and more difficult to deal with. They are...
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    Arduino CNC?

    Linuxcnc would be the better bet then Centroid or Arduino.
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    Who Makes the Absolute Best Roughing Endmill for Aluminum?

    International Minicut, hands down. They annihilate aluminum, I've never had flutes get clogged, the hi speed steel is more forgiving then carbide. Good tool life, make sure they have adequate coolant, the few I have broken have just snapped, no shards of carbide to dig out of your part . I ve...
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    Parting out Hardinge CHNC2+

    A couple things before you part it out. With the servos not powered, control on, turn the x axis screw and see if the axis counts. My guess , if the encoder counts, it's good. That vintage Hardinge will probably have Siemens DC motors and drives, lucky you, anyway look for alarms on the drive...
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    So what happens if I let my Solidworks and Camworks maintenance run out?

    Riddle me this.. You spent 25k for a package and they want 5k maintenance. The sales pitch is you get bug fixes and all the latest features, right? How much , if any of this really changed in the last almost 10 years, answer, very little. Why are you paying to fix bugs that shouldn't be there...
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    Okuma User Task better Fanuc Custom Macro B, No Way

    I've used both, same amount of power, a little different syntax. Consider yourself lucky, you could be doing macro on a Dynapath, woof, woof..
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    Right angle head for cnc mill

    Right angle head. Hsk 100 taper. Turns freely. Decent condition. Could use a bath. Trade for Biax scraper, make offer. Taking up space..
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    Johnford vmc turcite replacement...

    Consider the Linuxcnc and Advanced motion drives. Yaskawa has awful customer support, their stuff is hard to set up and seriously overpriced. AMC is an American company, their drives are considerably less expensive and their tech support is very good. The Linuxcnc is surprisingly versatile and...