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    Okuma lube cross reference chart

    Can you do one for Mu 6300V?
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    Does anyone have experience with the Motorex SWISSCUT DECO AP 10

    I've got a Medcenter 5A, I am looking at this specific coolant for its low viscosity ( so it flows better and minimal modifications to pump) and mostly because i do small parts that needs high surface finish. Im already getting a Fire suppression system installed. I do mostly aluminium with...
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    Guide To Cutting oils?

    What brand/model of Cutting oil is good for High speed aluminium machining with the occasional superalloys (Ti and Nickel based),Copper, and steel? i know i should avoid any oils with Chlorine or Sulfur because of incompatibility reasons. And Does anyone Know what the spindle/Ballscrew oil for...