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    Government QC (DOD-STD-2101)

    Hello All, I am looking at a particular Gov. Contract and it's stating there is multiple different "major" characteristics throughout this part. If anyone could guide me in the direction for the In-process parameters for the inspection that would be great. I need to know the frequency at which...
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    887 error M plus

    Hello, I will attach pictures of the machine parameters and settings that I have on the MDT software. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Mazatrol MPlus

    Hello All, I’m reaching out to you guys in hope for some answers with a Mazak V-655-60 with a Mplus control. I had a post written for this machine but the tool change won’t work. I am getting an error code stating No toolchange. ( axis not atc position). Any help would be greatly appreciate...
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    Post Processor

    Hello Men, I was wondering if anyone could assist me in finding a post processor for a mazak m32 and/or a mazatrol m-plus
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    Fusion 360 Post Processor Mazatrol M Plus

    Hello Men, I am currently in process of transferring my first CAM file into this M-plus. The only concern with the end of my process is that the post processor won't work for my control. Lets prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I am concerned that the post processor that fusion...
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    Older mazak cassette programming

    Hello Men, I’m reaching out to you all today to see if there is anyone that can shed some light on converting a .step, .stl, cam file to a cassette programmer for an older mazak mill. If you have any information on this topic it would be greatly appreciated! ~Thanks so much, Derick