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    Mini Mill - single phase?

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    Mini Mill - single phase?

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    Mini Mill - single phase?

    Yeah, changing the motor would be a non-starter, as I am selling the machine and trying to appeal to more buyers…
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    Mini Mill - single phase?

    I have a 2001, it is currently on 240 grounded B -3 phase, does anyone know if this would be able to switch over to single phase?As I know many like to put these in home garages..
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    Ever dropped your price without being asked ?

    What about if you bid a job to low? are you able to get more money back? Do you not take the very good profit with the sometime no profit?
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    Sounds like a kick back.........

    Jackal, In a way you could look at you being the best friend of one of your customers as being a problem, as you may want to take your best friend out to dinner and a ball game, enjoy each others company, and you reap the rewards of having that influence. Not trying to pick a fight, just...
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    Sounds like a kick back.........

    Unfortunatly, you have to wonder about any true honest business, this is the capitalistic system we live in, all one has to do is look to the luxury boxes at athletic stadiums, just a lot less slimy than money in an envelope.
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    Workers Comp cost for small shops?? Ouch!!

    I may be wrong here, but around these parts it is illegal to have employees without workmans comp. As the owner you may not be required.
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    The bigger question to me is, if you go by your customer in a office setting to look at jobs, would this reflect poorly on your business.
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    3d toolpath for surfcam

    Anybody here interested in writing a 3d toolpath off an Igus file for surfcam? If so please pm. Thanks
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    Hello 5 axis, I have a have a small(machine) job shop in Menomonee Falls, I was wondering if I...

    Hello 5 axis, I have a have a small(machine) job shop in Menomonee Falls, I was wondering if I could pick your brain about hard milling A-2 56/58 RC. I have just burned through 4 -$122.00 OSG end mills. Milling a side pocket .690 x 2.375 x 1.3 deep. The rep from OSG said .750 depth of cut w/...
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    Some ideas on keeping good workers

    Walter, I have a read a few of your posts, and find your thinking similar to my own. Since you have been in business for 20 years do you have an opinion on the idea of all employees that come thru having their own angle and agenda on things that will always impact the team? Jim
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    Featurecam dongle not being read

    That was it, Thank you Belding
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    Featurecam dongle not being read

    Could anyone tell me why my 3 computers with windows xp is not reading my featurecam dongle, however the one that has vista does? They all have the permanent license file. Could anybody help with this? Thanks in advance.
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    Rush charges?

    I agree with smallshop, whenever you are dealing in favors you might as well go back to the barter system, because you never really know monetarily where you stand.
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    134 tool clamp fault

    Mini Mill - Yr. 2000 I am getting this alarm, It says to check the air pressure(which is fine) and solenoid circuit breaker CBF can be caused by misadjustment of drawbar assembly. It seems like their are timing issues between the carousel and the drawbar. Does anyone have experience with...
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    Contract/written agreement with customer

    being the only supplier To be honest it is probably very bad business for your customer to have only one supplier, If it is you congratulations.
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    Please Help!

    I have a year 2000 Mini Mill, and I am getting a 320 Power Supply fault??? Thanks in advance
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    which quickbooks to get?

    I would really agree with paying an accountant to get this set up properly, accounts, loans on machines, etc.