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    Hurco VM10i or VM20i opinons

    What is consensous of the new 2024 VM10i or 20i. I either going to buy a new 10i or I have found a low hour 2017 20i with 4th axis for good price.
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    Anyone have info about using compressed air with fiber laser cutter?

    I have a 2KW IPG Bodor laser that we use everyday. Before Christmas we switched to high pressure shop air. To use shop air you use High Pressure Nitrogen settings in the 280 to 300 psi range. You can go as low as 250. Our is ran by custom made pressure booster on a 10 gal high pressure vessel...
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    Cross Feed Problem on New to me Mill

    I just purchased a used 1999 Jet BP clone mill. Everything checked out fine before being picked up. I forgot to use the table locks when transporting the mill. When I got stop the table was all the way forward. The handle was really hard to turn either way and it didn't appear the table was...