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    Tacchella 6AP Cyl Grinder

    Right, John Buscher
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    Tacchella 6AP Cyl Grinder

    Any body have experience with these machines? Seems like very few in USA. I have the owner's manual, electrical diagrams, and a really fancy advert. brochure. Does anybody have a parts - service manual or other literature" John Buscher
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    The Youngstown Ingot Mold Railway

    Article in Buffalo News today about relics from Republic Steel site have been dug up. Crews unearth remnants of RiverBend’s past at SolarCity site - City & Region - The Buffalo News No pictures. John
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    Grinding HSS toolbits for slow speed lathe

    Wow! I didn't think it was THAT good! Sorry - I got mine for free about 25 yr. ago. John
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    Grinding HSS toolbits for slow speed lathe

    See if you can find; "Design And Use of Cutting Tools" Leo St. Clair Great old book - should be cheap somewhere. John
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    D10 Manuals

    I would like to hear from anybody who has actually done electrical repairs to make one of these machines work. Has anybody written a "how to fixit"? Was there ever any service or repair literature published by Charmilles beyond the operating manuals and schematics? Thanks, John
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    Bridgeport motor - 4 speed with shifter

    It is a Lima drive and they were briefly supplied on new machines by Bridgeport when production of the variable speed drives was delayed during early 1965.
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    Charmilles D10 servo coil current

    We are bringing a D10 back to life and all seems OK except I cannot get the head to move down. Measuring the current in the servo coil it is a max. of about 30 mA. This seems very low for a 6 ohm servovalve coil. Current is measured when the power rating switch (825) is in up-down position...
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    3 Million dollar grant for cleaning up The Warner & Swasey Co. plant

    During 1980 I was working for a shop that had used W&S machines since their founding. It was recognized that the time had come for the CNC technology to be added to the mix of W&S turret lathes, bar machines and chuckers and $400K had been allocated to the change. After extensive discussions...
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    Matt, I cannot get the search function to work. It was OK until the week end. Perhaps I am doing...

    Matt, I cannot get the search function to work. It was OK until the week end. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Thanks, John
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    Mr. Vanice I am looking for a lever crosslide for my DV59. Do you happen to have one for sale...

    Mr. Vanice I am looking for a lever crosslide for my DV59. Do you happen to have one for sale? Thank you John Buscher [email protected]
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    Worthington Buffalo

    Today at lunch I took a look at the remains of Worthington Buffalo where I started my first engineering job in 1963. Does anyone have pictures or stories from this plant? There is almost nothing on the internet although I was surprised to learn that many of the engines we worked on are still...
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    America is not ready for electric cars...

    Gordon, To answer your question, I live in western New York where despite the nearby Niagara Power Project most of our electricity comes from two coal fired steam plants in Tonawanda and Somerset. John
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    What do M-head owners bore with?

    M head bore I had an M on my first mill. I used a 1.5" Criterion which had a thread on shank. I made a 1/2" shank for it and used it for several years until the mill was replaced by a Bridgeport. When I got my J head machine I thought it was not that much more capable than the M. As long as...
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    America is not ready for electric cars...

    Coal fired automobiles For what is is worth; 1. Electric cars have their place - make sense for short trip commute, etc., no good for typical use. Keep in mind that for the foreseeable future electricity for battery charging will mostly come from coal fired plants. 2. For now auto companies...
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    Help me ID this lathe

    WCR Lathe Co.? For 40 years I have been using a similar lathe - same carriage, 3-speed change, gear cover and faceplate. Big difference, mine is a cone drive, converted to twin V belt. There are no nameplates on mine but when the spindle is removed you can see "WCR lathe co. 1917". How about...
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    Welding some broken cast iron

    Welding cast iron Assuming the parts can be preheated to about red heat the best way to fix cast iron is with a torch and high silicon cast iron rod. The repair is essentially the same material as the part and can be easily machined after welding. This is the process used to fix hopeless...
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    Otis Elevating Railway (1892-1918)

    Hamilton Incline Railway Thank you Jim. My mother and her family lived near the bottom of the incline. The price prevented any regular use except on very special occasions. I also enjoyed the article about making artillery shells at what appears to be Hamilton Bridge. My grandfather worked...
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    Otis Elevating Railway (1892-1918)

    "Inclined Railway" Hamilton Ont. Does anyone know about the incline railway in Hamilton Ont. about 1910-1932?
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    Brown & Sharpe horizontal

    I wish I still had mine. A Bridgeport is a feeble replacement for B&S 2A with a (Bridgeport head). When I bought mine in 1970 it was supposed to be "1938" vintage. B&S parts people were very amused when I asked about some parts. Wonder what it would cost to build one today? John