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    Help with adjusting lower wheel on a Powermatic 87

    That saw my require different guide assemblies for the larger blade.
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    Sharpening roughing endmills flutes

    I've done the same, with the same results.
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    I was having Trouble getting on PM, was there a virus?

    In addition, the "never finishes loading" problem seems fixed as well. (Brave browser on linux) Bob
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    Cutting Oil

    Surprised no one has brought it up, but sulphurized oils form metallic sulphides (super lubricants) under the heat and pressure of metal cutting. Same with chlorinated fluids which form metallic chlorides, again, super lubricants. Never use a chlorinated fluid or oil on aluminum. The formation...
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    Stuck collets

    Agree--hammering can produce bearing loads many times higher than ejecting with the correct drawbar setup. Bearings are actually modified 6205 in the original configuration, 7205 in a modern rebuild. Bob
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    Who made my horizontal Bandsaw?

    Looks like the "Emerson" owned by a friend of mine back in the 80's. Typical Taiwan use of American names. As I recall it wasn't a bad saw and served his turret lathe shop fairly well.
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    How to fix Bandsaw Blade drift.

    Should be 2000 lbs force--you are tensioning both the working side and the return side of the band. Bob
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    Reducing kerf of carbide tipped band saw blade on surface grinder?

    I got a decent surface with the 10° standard geometry. I do use a (indicator based) tension gage, and tension to 25,000-28,000 psi. The work surface after the 7°grind was/is so much better, that I routinely grind new blades this way. I'm sure that part of the improvement is due to the fact that...
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    Reducing kerf of carbide tipped band saw blade on surface grinder?

    Richard, Reducing the rake to 7€° makes the cut quality so much better, partially as a result of the reduction in self-feeding tendency. Bob
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    Reducing kerf of carbide tipped band saw blade on surface grinder?

    Richard, I used to sharpen my Lenox trimasters by grinding just the front of the tooth--very successfully. Each grind (I got three or four per blade) reduced the kerf slightly but not to the degree you are looking for. Trimaster blades are NOT set, the clearance is derived from the difference...
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    DoAll V16 band saw

    Mild steel guides won't last long (Unhardened), especially if doing a lot of contour sawing. Braze on a rectangular carbide chipbreaker, as I did 20 or so years ago, and they will probably last a lifetime. Bob
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    Replacement bearings for the M head spindle pulley.

    7205 would be spindle bearings. You would do well with 7206DU light or no preload. These should be DB (back to back) mounted. DB gives maximum moment resistance. That said, my M-head is running with 6206 conrad bearings, and has been for 10 years with no problems. Just make sure that you remove...
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    How to cut brass plate

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    Death of a pet

    Mike, We had to say goodbye to our 12 year old golden last week. This time (2 previous dogs) I decided to have a home euthanasia so that my best buddy could pass from this world in his familiar surroundings with the people who loved him. I'll never do it any other way from now on. Nobody can...
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    Boring Head Shank Question

    I have a 2 inch Mesa head and it has a 7/8-20 threaded back. Bob
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    When are Vert. Band Saw Tires worn out?

    The adhesive is 3m 5200 marine adhesive/sealant. They make a fast cure, but I prefer the slow cure (~1 week!). I bond the tires, then grind the crown on the wheel. Near perfect runout-wise, and very smooth. I've done several for friends, and mine which was done about 12 years ago, is still...
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    Bridgeport mill quill lock problem

    O-ring groove and small o-ring on the locking shaft. Provides enough friction to hold the little handle up.
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    Alternatives to DraftSight ( or any DWG viewer with editing function )

    Scotti, I too was a Draftsight user. I switched to Linux in 2008 when I retired (30 years Autocad experience) and Draftsight was available in a Linux version. I suffered thru their ridiculous forced upgrades and a couple of bad releases, but by and large it served it's purpose for a full...
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    How to machine narrow slot into workpiece?

    A fixtured/guided bandsaw cut can look as professional as a slitting saw cut--with a lot less frustration!
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    Compressor continuous run/head unloaders

    AFAIK all the 300 series use the same setup for hydraulic unloading. Continuous run unloading valves may differ depending on displacement. Bob