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    South bend lathe on gsaauction in NC.

    that baby's in rough condition. but for $10 opening bid, it could be worth the parts alone
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    StanF South Bend 9A Rebuild Thread

    good job. that's a sweet little sheetmetal brake you got there
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    My brother bought a time capsule, and I need help with machinery found in the shop.

    the real barn find. never know what you're gonna find. love it
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    Getting rid of 1944 Model A 444R 4 1/2

    looks like a good candidate for a refurb. Good luck
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    WTB South Bend nameplate

    I got a nice reproduction plate for my 9a on ebay for about $35
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    Mounting a 9A motor below the lathe

    I have a 9a that I'm almost done refurbing. the PO had the motor mounted on the backside of the drive unit. I think he did this to save space and fit a home made chip pan. it uses short pieces of 1/2" pipe as spacers. seems to work ok. might help you save some space
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    wireing a new motor

    Robert, perhaps you can post a link to the actual motor and switch you used? I may have to go this route.
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    Half nut repair?- 10L

    Mike did the half nut refurb on my 9a. excellent work
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    Free South bend 9 parts and warner swasey

    what kind of condition is the headstock in? The headstock and spindle are heavily gouged on my 9a
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    South Bend Model 9A Quick Change Gear Box Shaft

    I ran into the same problem. the taper pin was so tight, I thought I was driving it the wrong way. I eventually gave up. It's the only shaft I wasn't able to clean and replace the felts. screwed with my ocd for a while.
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    WTB: INSIDE jaws for a Cushman 5" 3-jaw chuck

    Thanks. That's what I figured too. I was looking at a chinese chuck off fleabay. but figured I'd give it a shot
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    WTB: INSIDE jaws for a Cushman 5" 3-jaw chuck

    I'm restoring a SB9A. It came with a Cushman 5" chuck. but it has outside jaws. I'm looking for a set of inside jaws. the attached photo of the chuck and an outside jaw. looking for a set of inside jaws. Randy
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    lost a couple of parts to a 9a

    I was able to find a picture online. from there I made one from 3/8" bar stock. the original piece is 1/2" but I didn't have any around. luckily the dimensions aren't too critical so I was able to cobb this together with a 5" grinder with a cutoff wheel and a drill press
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    lost a couple of parts to a 9a

    I made a pinion retaining ring from an old wire key ring. does anyone have the dimensions for the saddle lock?
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    lost a couple of parts to a 9a

    thanks for the advice. but, I'm not trying to build a better mouse trap. I'm trying to figure out the one I've got
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    lost a couple of parts to a 9a

    I bought a pretty beat up 9a this spring, and I've been slowly tearing it down and cleaning and painting it. I've been reading and lurking to get as much info as I can retain over the months, but in reassembling the apron and saddle I've lost my saddle lock, and the retaining ring for the hand...
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    Looking for or Parting Out

    There is a guy on ebay that does a refurb service on half nuts. I did an exchange for my 9A and it is exellent work. he may be able to sell you a set without a core. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324114912814
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    SB 9c Gibb Screws

    ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/150857114863
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    Member ID Request

    got any pics?