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    Braided Round Belts

    Got some nice braided round belts from Singer recently, for my Deckel engraver. They don't have any welds, are strong, don't stretch as much as O-rings and seem to last forever. I also just got a nice small sensitive drill press that could use the same round belt, different length. It had a...
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    3/4" wide grinding wheels

    Thank you for the feedback. Working with these new wheels in the last few days, I'm finding the wider wheels dampen down my spindles vibration, I'm getting great results.
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    3/4" wide grinding wheels

    A buddy gave me a box of new grinding wheels, various types and grit. Most were ½” wide however there were two that measured ¾” wide, with a recess hub to fit my grinder. Any cautions? I’m thinking that if the wheel cracks, it will be along that inside radius at the hub. My grinder has ½ HP...
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    Deckel FP1 collet / Deckel SO

    I agree with the above comment, even though they may be purchased from Europe, the price is a good indication. I wanted some square size S20 collets so I bought from a well-known source, the threads were out of spec and did not fit my SO grinder. Maybe buy one and see if it fits. Maybe look...
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    Model T part fabrication - custom notching tool needed

    If this part is painted in the car, I would 3D print the shape out of plastic. Would be cheaper and a lot less work.
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    Not really off topic: Anyone ever make an urn?

    My brother-in-law put his engineer Dad's ashes in a 3" 304 stainless tube and welded it up.
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    Gorton 2-28 again. This time spindle bearings.

    IMHO use the same spindle grease that the Deckel guys use, from Singer, Kluber Isoflex Super LDS18A.
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    Looking for a Deckel FP1 Horizontal Arbor

    Just be careful about re-machining a metric part; I have an older 1950's FP1 with the MT4 taper and S20 thread. Found a 27mm metric arbour on the internet and had it ground down to one inch; it was completely butter soft inside of a thin hardened skin. So a buddy snuck it in a nitriding order...
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    U2 grinder attachments to fit Deckel S0 grinder?

    I have since purchased the U2 end mill adaptor and it fits perfectly on the S0. I will always keep the Deckel, so the price is not as critical.
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    OT has anyone here had tooth implants?

    I had one implant done, great dentist, it went very well. About $4 or 5K in Canada. My sister-in-law had a full mouth done, different dentist, all her teeth were removed at once for dentures that would be anchored by a few implants into her jaw; it was a complete and utter shit show disaster. In...
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    For Sale ! ! !

    Thank you, the inside of my high-speed head is empty, no gears. So what you are suggesting is it might be possible to remove the vertical head off the ram and try to bolt this angle head on, yes, a lot could go wrong.
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    For Sale ! ! !

    I've got an older FP-1; pardon my ignorance, however what does the angle head need, besides collets, to bolt on and run? The flange bolts for those nuts? I've got the high-speed head ram, it looks the same flange? The inside lip of the bolt flange on my ram looks like 125mm. If any of this makes...
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    Electric Motor Repair Questions

    Find another motor shop. As a parallel experience, I recently had a Baldor motor in for rewinding, the guy screwed it up and basically said, here, come and get it.
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    OT: Solar Panels for house

    Lots of issues to consider. If you want power in case of an outage of say four or five hours, just get a good battery set-up and an inverter. Maybe add panels later. In our area, if you 'sell' power back to the utility, it is considered income and taxable. The guys that offer to install and set...
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    Thoughts on surface grinder for home hobbyist?

    I got a Sanford MG a few years ago, the next size up from the SG. It took a lot of time to get it back into shape, but it works great now. The one big issue I had with it was there are gibs on one direction only i.e. when it wears in the other direction, you loose all accuracy. A plus for the...
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    Entering US from Canada with used machine, less than $2500?

    The best advice is to be honest, these guys have heard it all, many, many times over. They aren't there to protect America from pallet jacks, there are much bigger problems. Stress that it is for personal use, not a commercial deal. Have a bill of sale with the correct sale price. It might help...
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    What are these Deckel grinders used for?

    Nice machines, I have an S0 and use it to make cutters for my Deckel GK21 pantograph. If you sell the Pear model, you might want to confim what collets it takes and if you have any to go with the machine. The Pear looks larger than the Deckels, it would be a bonus if the grinder took tooling...
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    Where to buy milling machines and lathes in Canada

    Canada has approx. a tenth of the population as the U.S., so it has fewer machine tools to start with than down South. I suggest scrounging Kijiji, ebay, craigs list, etc. but also auctions. I have been very successful at auctions, but it takes time and luck. In general, I believe Quebec has...
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    How to remove diamond dresser Deckel SO

    They are nice machines!
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    Stellite vs plywood?

    I found a difference with Chinese carbide vs. German carbide when cutting off 1/8" dia. solid engraving tools. With a diamond wheel, the German stuff took twice as long to cut through.