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    Doosan HC400 Pallet change

    Thank you, but I needed to have the pallet that's out of the machine rotated to the 0deg position. all set. not sure how to mark this thread as ' complete'.
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    Doosan HC400 Pallet change

    I'm trying to change pallets using MDI M60 on a Doosan HC400, but the program only runs as far as the M61 or M62. Not sure why the M60 sub-program is not running completely, and why the pallets are not changing ... Thank you!
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    Looking for GibbsCAM Post Processors

    Hello, and thanks for reading ... I'm running GibbsCAM v22.0.46, and trying to find posts for a Citizen Miyano BNJ-51SY6 with Fanuc Series 0i-TF control CNC Lathe and also for a Star SB-20R Type G with Fanuc Series 0i-TF control , and Star SR-32 JIII Type B with Fanuc Series 31i Model B...
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    Looking for someone who can burn an .008dia hole in a .025dia gage pin.

    I'm looking for a vendor in or near northern Michigan, who can burn or drill an .008-.009 inch dia hole in an .025 inch dia gage pin. The gage pin will be 1in long and the hole needs to be 1/4in deep. small quantity, just a few dozen parts. Thanks!
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    GibbsCAM 22 lathe drilling

    That did it! Thanks
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    GibbsCAM 22 lathe drilling

    I'm very new to GibbsCAM, so I'll be posting alot of basic questions ... Trying to drill a .343dia hole, but can't get the green checkmark to light up, please refer to the attached screenshot. Thank you!
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    Makino wire EDM ethernet connection

    Hello, Can you tell me if my Makino EDM U3 s/n#W140140 has an ethernet port / connection for downloading programs. Instead of using a flash drive for file transfer. We do not have a service contract since we only have one machine, and it’s very reliable. Thank you!