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    Anilam 6000M problem

    Hi Folks Thank you for your responses. A gentleman from Acu-Rite got back to me, Mario thank you sir for your help, and walked me through a couple of things. Turned out that the previous owner had the transformer connected incorrectly, 208 instead of 230, so I made those corrections and...
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    Anilam 6000M problem

    We have a Chevalier 1418 with the Anilam 6000M controller. This issue just started, and I am stumped as to where to start looking. I can boot the machine up fine. However, when I pull out the E-Stop the LCD goes dark as if power has been cut to it. Push the E-Stop back in immediately and the LCD...
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    Anilam 3300 Hard drive failure

    Hi Phil How did you create the new operating system e.t.c. We have a Chevalier Falcon 1418 with the Anilam 6000M I am trying to clone the drive to move it to an SSD, and to have a backup. but I can't get windows to recognize the drive. Win sees the drive it but only lists it as "Disk 1 Unknown"