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    ID this steel?

    Try going to www.matweb.com; it's a website where you can research properties of seemingly any material on earth, and get detailed results. Edit: I just tried typing in the 9691 and came up with nothing.
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    Need help with lathe purchase

    In my opinion, anything built by LeBlond and/or Makino is a high quality machine, and they seem to hold their resale value very well; research prices on ebay and jump on it if it's a fair deal. I've only ran one Regal lathe; ironically at Makino's headquarters, and it was very smooth and...
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    Need delicate cylinder head weld job..

    Griff's Engine & Machine; Sandusky Magg's Auto & Machine; Sandusky Wakeman Auto; Wakeman Done Right; Cleveland Sorry; don't have any numbers or contact info, but you should be able to pull 'em up in a Google search.
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    Forrest; hello- my name is Justin. I was printing out some ebay shipping labels today and...

    Forrest; hello- my name is Justin. I was printing out some ebay shipping labels today and thought I recognized your name. I believe you just bought a pair of 3" face mills from me recently. Just thought I would say hi, and let you know that your cutters are shipping out tomorrow; hopefully...
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    Oil Question / Recommendation

    Going to order coolant, spindle, and way oil soon for my South Bend Chipmaster mill, Dual Drive lathe, and DoAll C4 band saw. Probably going to use Trim SOL or EP coolant, Vactra 2 and Velocite 10. Question is; regarding the way/spindle lube- should I buy more than a gallon of each? The mill...
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    Drilling large holes by interpolation

    Have you tried a high-feed mill yet? Those cutters absolutely ROCK for helical interpolating into either dead stock, or with an existing hole.
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    WTB: CXA Holders or NMTB-40

    Thanks to everyone for your help. Grant, thanks for your reply but most of the nicer pieces look to be CAT40 tooling- I need NMTB40. Joe; I'll most likely be in touch with you next week.
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    WTB: CXA Holders or NMTB-40

    That would be great, Joe...I appreciate the reply. I would be interested to get a general idea of what you have and how much you'd be asking. I don't know what your work schedule is like, but I'm typically up in Cleveland 3-4 days out of the week, and only about 1 to 1-1/2 hours out any other...
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    DoAll Bandsaw - Need to run on Single Phase

    I looked on ebay and found a GE Fuji AF-300 Mini 1hp rated single phase to 3phase VFD for $111.55 shipped. Item #360206984668. The drive is rated for 5 amps, and the motor on our saw draws 3.2 max.
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    DoAll Bandsaw - Need to run on Single Phase

    I just bought the same model saw, but wasn't quite lucky enough to pay only $200. Still a better price than a brand new imprted 7x12 saw though. I still have an extra 3ph plug left- I'll probably use that one for the saw, but if not I'll definitely go with a VFD as a lot of guys here have been...
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    WTB: CXA Holders or NMTB-40

    Like the title says; if anyone has any extra Aloris/Dorian/Import CXA quick change lathe toolholders, or NMTB-40 mill tooling- I would be interested. Let me know what you've got- I can paypal. For my DualDrive lathe, I'd ideally like to get a couple CXA1 turn/face holders, CXA2...
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    Stopping "dishing" of thin washers

    How about using a parting blade made of high speed steel that uses a carbide insert? The high speed blade won't flex nearly as bad as tool steel; then use a high-shear, neutral rake insert with an uncoated or a light PVD coated grade? I bet a 3mm width at a short extension will cure that issue...
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    Voltage imbalance causing VFD issues?

    Thanks for your reply. I do know that it's a straight 3ph drive. I'll have to check the parameters about the dynamic braking- I do know there is an additional braking resistor added.
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    Voltage imbalance causing VFD issues?

    I checked the three legs of the output side of the phase convertor panel. When checked from terminal to ground, L1 showed 147.7, L2 showed 102.5, and L3 showed 195.9. I also checked the incoming voltage at the machine, and it showed very close to the same results. That voltage is all over the...
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    Looking for a small 45 degree insert or facemill

    You should be able to get a 45deg lead facemill from any major cutting tool manufacturer. I used a Seco Carboloy QuattroMill minichipper years ago, it was a 3/4" with a weldon shank and had 2 small inserts, plus coolant thru. That little cutter FLEW and it was nearly impossible NOT to get a...
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    Voltage imbalance causing VFD issues?

    Have a 10hp RPC built from a Phonenix Phase Convertor starter panel and a new Lincoln motor- bought the components and had an electrician wire it for me. No issues; my LeBlond dual drive lathe seems to be running fine. I also have a South Bend Chipmaster mill with a 5hp spindle motor, which...
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    Does that mazak have coolant thru the spindle?
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    Fadal Head Tram is out?

    I aligned/leveled a Makino V33 once within 3 microns full travel on all 3 axes in a temp-controlled room using ceramic squares and a very sensitive indicator, and was pretty impressed to find that it was only sitting on 3 out of 4 leveling pads- rediculously ridgid casting. Anyways...I'm not...
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    Best place for a reasonable priced chuck?

    Small Tools or HGR Industrial Surplus; both in Cleveland OH
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    Shipping Bridgeport Series 2 CNC R2E4

    Sold my R2E4 machine on ebay this week; I'm in Ohio, he's in Illinois. Working out the details of shipping. If any of you have shipped one of these before, did you ship it with the plastic head shrouds on the machine or off?