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    Large Vertical Lathe

    that hobber must be pretty big!!
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    Large Vertical Lathe

    a weird gear!
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    Iron worker id

    no-but that would max out on 1/4 mild
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    Reed Prentice 20" prospect info please?

    aussies and us californians--WE are the real 'okies'...
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    Charles North Tx Shop build

    should have used the bridge crane to unload the z turn-- great photo-op!
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    Are the Base and Column Separate on a Lagun FTV-4?

    me three!-and you didn't even need a gun!!
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    Brother HS-300 on the way

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    Identify This vertical Mill

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    I guess its time for me to start my own Home shop thread.

    did you have a handgun with that $8500?-that is a steal!!
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    Niles Planer

    just load it in the old chevy truck and take it home--then a flat belt off the rear wheel and you are in the machine shop biz
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    Way grinding resources in New England

    i had to dbl ck the post date-- $50 an hr is a steal!!--and w/ a guy who knows what he's doing AND has the equip--bravo sir!
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    Monarch 61228x120

    NOBODY here that isn;t envious--beauty!
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    Charles North Tx Shop build

    his reply sure to be---"that's MISTER punk-ass...."
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    Fairly Rare Brown & Sharpe Milling MAchine on PA Craigslist

    is that cutter just for 'facing' off a cut on a workpiece?
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    Clausing 5912

    think the only ? is why wouldn't you?
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    Monarch Series 61, Rebuilding for Improvement

    yeah--just minor details!!--wow anyway!