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    30HP Phase Perfect PT-380 Forsale--Low Hours-GOOD DEAL

    Posting this here guys because i think it will get the most hits. I have for sale a very lower hour Phase Perfect PT-380 Phase converter. I purchased this new in the summer of 2017 for $7800. My plan was to have three phase installed this year but covid has delayed that plan. AEP has told me i...
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    Mazak FJV-20, adding a full 4th axis, pre-wired.

    I pulled off what your trying to do on a fusion controlled Mazak vtc. I installed both 4th and 5th axis. You need to get your hands on what I believe is called the e book. (Electrical book). It would of came with the machines that had 4th axis installed on them when new. It shows all the wiring...
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    For Sale Phase Perfect 30HP PT-380 Very Low Hours

    Posting this here because im sure some of you guys are looking for one. I have a very low hour Phase Technologies Phase Perfect PT-380. This is the 30 HP unit that outputs 96 Amps. I purchased this brand new in the summer of 2017. It has less than 150 Hours on it. I have this hooked to a Mazak...
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    Help me make a clone of my Fusion 640M Hard Drive

    Reaching out to you guys for help. Im trying to copy the hard drive on my 2002 VTC200C with Fusion 640M control. My Hard drive is on its ways out. I have used several clone utility's with no luck. I have heard that the control looks at the hard drive serial number to see if its the right one...
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    Need help putting renishaw probe on fusion 640 control

    solved the problem. PM me if you need help http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/mazak/anyone-wants-put-probe-setup-their-mazak-640m-control-338247/#post3017652
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    For anyone that wants to put a probe setup on their Mazak 640M control

    I will also be installing a 4th axis on this machine. I have all the required parts except for the cables i need to make up. are you interested in installing renishaw MP27R tool setters? I know how to do it. PM me if interested.
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    For anyone that wants to put a probe setup on their Mazak 640M control

    I purchased a 2002 VTC-200C several months ago, its an awesome machine for a price i couldnt pass up. The only downer is the machine did not have a probe in it. Mazak quoted me at 15k to install one and renishaw 11K. Ridiculous for the age of the machine and and how much i paid for it. I...
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    Need help putting renishaw probe on fusion 640 control

    I installed a renishaw MP700 and OMI on my 2002 vtc-200 with fusion 640M. I used the electrical schematic to figure out how to wire it up. The probe turns on but the skip signal does not work in the control. The hardware side of this it right. I could not find any parameter bits in the...
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    Anyone need extended memory for their M/T plus control? I have some

    Posting this here because i know this would really help someone. I have a QX425 card. Its 2MB of memory, the biggest card you can put in the machine. These another company selling aftermarket memory for over 4K. Shoot me a PM if your interested. Ill give you a good deal, would like this to...
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    VTC Spindle Work

    Was asking just it just seams weird to have the same size of bearings on both the top and bottom of the spindle for assembly reasons. Mazak gives part numbers for regular steel bearings and ceramic. I assume 2 sets of duplex Universal's would work fine?
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    VTC Spindle Work

    can someone tell me what the bearing numbers are in a VTC-20B mill? Im looking at buying a 1996 that has a noisy spindle in it, trying to price bearings. The manual says 7014C. are all the bearing 7014 size?