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    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    You mean between the trailer and car? Nope. Just a safety wire, that connects the tow car and trailer brakes. Loose the hitch, and the wire tightens and brakes are on. Kjelle
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    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    The tow bar is conceled behind the bumper, and the ball hitch is all you see. It is mounted on the "frame rails" (Unibody car). Sorry, I don't have any links or pic's of European towing equipment... Kjelle
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    MAHO lost on Autobahn

    Most European towing is done with a ball hitch on cars and small trucks. Didn't check what car they were using, but the trailer looks like a car trailer, so good for at least 1500 kg, probably more. We don't use chains but a safety wire, that should be hooked up somwhere other than the hitch...
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    Please help Identifying old horizontal mill

    Nope... Found the picture while searching for another mill, similar but not same. Check the pictures, this mill is similar. Not mine, but I found a buyer for the seller. There is a thread on Maskinisten, where this makes an appearance. Kjelle
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    Please help Identifying old horizontal mill

    I seemed to recognize it... It is quite probably a Köping mill, Swedish. I have all of ONE picture of a similar mill, the locking handles for the over arm looks exactly the same, in the same position. Nice mill! Kjelle
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    The US sanctions impacting the Chinese chip industry

    Or "The Northern Resource Area"... That's Siberia to you and me...
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    OT: Aerodark's final request

    Condolences from Sweden. Never had anything to do with your father, but I remember his nickname. What has happened here, on this site, is one of the reasons I, as a amateur, still frequent it. My sincere wishes for a positive outcome of this for you and your family. Kjelle
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    Unknown old bench lathe

    Check lathes.co.uk for clones. There are a couple of Swedish made one's. Also, check out maskinisten.net, a Swedish forum. They have one dedicated to lathes, mills and such. You need to register to post there. RGDS Kjelle (in Sweden)
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    History of Wade Tool Co. published in NAWCC Watch & Clock Bulletin July/August 2022 issue

    I have contacted NAWCC via their home page and asked about either buying the issue or just the article. As I'm in Sweden, postage would be prohibitive, so I hope they can make it aviable for download... Results will be posted! Kjelle
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    OT. Chevrolet repair at a Chevy "service" department

    Now, I dojn't have much to contribute to this thread, but check out Rainman Ray, and South main auto on Youtube, they seems like good mechanics, not parts changers... Kjelle
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    Do any of our Ukrainian friends need a sponsor for a work visa?

    ParkerBender, that is a good offer. The refugee situation is under control, most EU countries are stepping up to the plate (it seems like my country, Sweden, isn't aming them... Yet). Poland, Romania, and Hungary are already on the ball, they even allow pets in without papers. (In Poland, the...
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    OT: how do you get rid of squatters ?

    Jeremy, that was the best answer so far! Sure, I like day dreaming about explosive fare-thee-wells as anyone,but as yuo writye, we have to stay on the right side of the thin line... Call the cops as soon as they start to make noises, if there is a fire ban due to draught, call as soon as the...
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    Inline / V 4 Hybrid?

    He probably saw a Junkers engine, either live in Germany/Europe, or read about them... There is some web sites about them...
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    Sajo UF 52 Horizontal Mill Damaged, Need Info

    I have a manual for that machine, but it's in Swedish... And I can't upload it. Send me a message if you want it Kjelle
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    Info on Varnamo FU2 FUB 2A Universal

    Try this link; Verktyg och verkstadsmaskiner • Maskinisten You can search the forum without being a member, but to ask questions, you need to register. And they do answer english-speaking questions... Storebro systems seems to have gathered all Swedish machine tools under their roof, might be a...
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    rosenfors rfu milling machine

    Try maskinisten.net, it's a Swedish site, but you can get by on English. They have manuals in the download section (I'll check for you after this is posted). Edit; here's a better link; Verktyg och verkstadsmaskiner • Maskinisten This is the machine tool section, you can search for your mill...
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    New toy! Almhult bruck shaper....

    Hello from Sweden! Do you have some pictures of your shaper? Älmhults Bruk is in Älmhult, Sweden, and Älmhult is the hometown of IKEA. I did a quick search in Maskinisten.net, and on Google. Nothing about machinery making, they seem to make transmission parts for heavy equipment, like rear...
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    Has anyone looked at this 10EE on ebay?

    If you look at the listing, one of the photos is of the buildplate. Serial #28905, built in Sept. 1946... Kjelle
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    1790s Llangollen Canal

    So I'm not alone, having read those books... Though I can't recall reading about a journey on a canal boat... Mind you, it was in the early 70's, and I was not even a teenager yet. This thread is a good example of why I joined PM, and enjoy reading here!Big thanks to wfrancis for posting the...