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    Maho,s for sale

    You may reach me at Appalachian Tool & machine Inc , find me on the web , or 828-776-0534 cell Eddie
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    6 older Mahos for Sale

    Sorry, wouldn’t believe what I’ve been thru last 6 months,,, want even try to explain at this time! Machines still available, Eddie
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    FS 2 Big Bore Mazak

    2 POWER MASTER N , came out of GE plant , 99yr models, used VERY little, machines run great. 75K each, or 125K buys both.
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    2 Large 200 HP Air compressors for sale

    . I have 2 Sulair 200 HP compressors & 2 Large air dryers for sale. Came from closed GE plant. One compressor has only 1yr usage, the other after 4 yrs usage was rebuilt & less than a yr usage. 250K worth of compressors, will sacrifice for what I have in them. 20K for everything, they are to...
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    2 air compressors for sale

    I have 2 Sulair 200HP compressors. 1 has only about 1 yr on it , the other was rebuilt & has only about a yr on it. Came out of a GE plant, they also have large air dryers with them. I was going to put them in my new shop a couple of yrs ago when I relocated, but they where to large. These...
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    6 older Mahos for Sale

    I am leaning towards retirement & liquidating, I have 6 late 80s & 90 Mahos to get rid of. (1) MH1000 5axes (1) MH700 5axes (3)MH700 4 axes,(1)600 tool room (like new)- came out of BMW plant, prb less than 500hrs. All these machines where taken out of service in past couple hrs, when I...
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    MAHO,s ForSale

    Getting rid of all my old Maho’s 6 of them, they are late 80s early 90 model’s,,, (1)MH 1000 5axes (1)MH700 5axes (3) 700 4 axes, (1) 600 tool room ( almost new )- came out of a BMW Plant , probably less than 500 hrs! These machines all where taken out of service in the last 2 yrs, when I...
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    CNC programmer & milling process needed

    Great opportunity, perhaps even part ownership, multi Million company, whom has customer base , seeking younger than me programming & milling process engineer & setup man. 60 CNC machines, large & small 5axes mills, large VTLS , in the aerospace industry, as well as much more. Located in the...
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    Maho,s for sale

    I have 6 old Maho,s all are old , but all working when I unhooked them. To many to go into great detail, MH1000 was running great , 2 MH 700s , all 5 axes ,,,, 2 700 4 axes , a 600 old but probably less than 500 hrs,,, most of these are late 80s perhaps early 90s ,,,, many spare parts...
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    24 inch Kitagawa chucks

    I have several Brand New 24 inch chucks, 1/2 price , or make offer . Hyd of course
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    WTB CNC Lathe ~20k

    Have a Mazak Slant Turn 40N , old but runs perfect, has couple of chucks, steady rest , lots of tooling, need space must sale, 12K in NC
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    ForSale Kitagawa 24 inch chucks

    I have several Brand New Kitagawa 24 inch hyd chucks. 1/2 price of new.
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    Kitagawa 24 inch hyd chucks NEW

    I have several brand New 24 inch hyd chucks, 10k each , that’s about 1/2 price
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    Seeking Milling Garou & Programmer

    We have a excellent opportunity for a milling & programming Garou , 6 figure + bonus in the beautiful Western NC mtns . Small 35 man shop , 60 CNC Machines, several 5 axes . Opportunity of a life time! Been in business 35 + yrs.
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    RFQ - Large Diameter Turning Fixtures

    Appalachian Tool & Machine, found on the web. Great supplier ! 9 VTLs out to 70 inches, most are newer model Okuma & Toshiba , they have lost 80% of their aircraft work due to COVID . Very hungry, trying to servive . Located in NC
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    Toshiba Boring Mill

    Has anyone ever removed spindle from BTD 110 R16 Toshiba Boring Mill , lord in need some help or advise. Thank you! Ed
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    2 large compressors , low hours

    These are 200 HP , way to large for my shop , very low hours ! 15K Ea. or 25K for both.
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    Turning with a Milling Machine

    35 yrs ago I borrowed 10k and bought my first Bridgeport, I used it often mounting stock into the spindle, and putting a HSS lathe tool in the vice. Lord those where the days! Now 35 plus yrs later ,and 30 plus CNCs , wish I where back in my basement, without a lathe.
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    Gleason Expert needed

    Small shop in Western NC , has opportunity to spline aerospace parts. We are seeking someone VERY experienced in CNC Gleason machines.