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    VTB-101 XY Table Parts Diagram

    Does anyone have the exploded parts diagram for the VTB-101 XY table ? Google and search here did not turn up anything.
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    Milling attachment Question

    Its a extension or offset plate to mount the milling attachment in more places. Not necessary, but a added accesory.
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    Tailstock Serial Number?

    I had a 9" that i parted out that had what appeared to be the serial number stamped on the top of the tailstock as well. The bed on that machine had been reground so the serial was gone from the bed, but the number on the tailstock was 75XXX which would have matched the serial range from the...
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    South Bend milling attachment casting numbers

    There should be a stamping on the machined surface inside vise portion where the jaws/clamp screws are that is along the lines of MA100NK if its for a different size machine it will have a R, T etc.
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    FS: South Bend Double tool cross slide

    Oh man. I finally found a rear tool post for mine this past week. Figures a complete one pops up for a good price after i spent over a year piecing one together. Good luck. Good price. Someone will get a deal.
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    1952 Southbend 9A Restoration

    maybe im missing something, but i dont see a production cross slide ? Are you refering to the 4 tool post turret thing ?
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    Sb9a apron and saddle wanted!

    If the other guy doesn't have what you need let me know. I should have both from 1 machine. Im grafton ma, about a hr, but have family in winchendon and ashburnham.
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    Reground bed

    I parted out a 9" workshop lathe that had the bed ways reground by someone. They seemed to be done fairly well. My observation from it was that you had to account for the amount of material taken off of the ways with spacers/shims under the lead screw bracket, apron rack and either bracket or...
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    Anyone parting out a 9"

    I have some stuff. no tailstock, but gears and lots of misc stuff.
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    Need A Favor....Spindle Tap

    $40 option with free shipping for the tap YG1 1-1/2" X 8 GH6 BF956 S-HSS, NEW! | eBay
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    Looking for production cross slide parts

    I have found the hand lever assembly and other parts. Only thing i am missing now is the rear tool block. I believe, per the parts sheet, its the same for the 9 and Heavy 10.
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    Lever Collet Closer removal

    Looks like someone cut your end gear guard into 2 pieces? To open the lower while the closer is on? There is supposed to be a drive lug on the spindle that engages with the closer. It would be under that sidecover. Can you pass a piece of round stock through the hole on the closer all of the...
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    Lever Collet Closer removal

    From the diagram above, you remove screw 31 and then slide the closer out of the spindle. Item 32 stays on the headstock. Interesting lathe. Two things stick out to me. First. Someone added top oilers to a side oiler head stock. Probably worth pulling that apart and inspecting and see what's...
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    Looking for production cross slide parts

    Still looking for hand lever and bushing
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    9" Workshop Lathe Questions

    i dont know the answer to those questions directly, but the workshop lathes were not A/B/C they were just workshop. The A/B/C were the later models. All of the workshop machines i have seen have resembled a C lathe. change gears, no power feed, half nuts only and top oiler headstocks. Its...
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    Looking for production cross slide parts

    Thanks everyone. Still looking for the hand lever assembly
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    Looking for production cross slide parts

    I did think about making one, but i dont have access to a milling machine. The rear one has the tool upside down and is taller to accommodate this. I dont think moving the front one to the rear will work for this reason, other than running it in reverse. Not sure how great that would work with a...
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    Looking for production cross slide parts

    With the help of Ted and some others I've started piecing together a production cross slide for one of my SB9s. Still searching for a few things to complete it. Hand lever assembly Bushing to mount rack to saddle Rear tool post. It should be single sided and hold the tool up side down. I know...
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    Newbie to Lathes, gifted a 1937 South Bend Workshop 9''

    You got a new headstock ? The one in the dirty photos shows a top oiler headstock from a 9" workshop, but the cleaned up photos has a newer side oiler from a 9a/b/c lathe Make sure you check tailstock alignment and shim accordingly with the new headstock.