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    Cylindrical Grinding in the NY/Tri-State/Long Island Area

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has recommendations of, or runs a shop that does cylindrical grinding in the NY tri state area. We have a university project with some stainless steel rollers. We have one set, which was a sort of proof of concept, but moving forward would like something that has the...
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    A place to post CAM for students to learn from machinists.

    Hi all, College student here. I've spent the last year learning CAM and the basics of how to operate a Haas VF mill. The Haas videos and Youtube machinists have helped a ton, and I'm now at the point where I manage to get parts to come out of the machine once every three or four tries. I'm...
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    What's this coating that was underneath the paint of this welding table?

    Hey all, Beginner welder here, hacked together a table yesterday with a craiglist free coffee table and a couple garbage find pipes. It's not pretty, but better than hunching over. The coffee table top was painted black, and I ground off and sanded the surface to this copper-ish looking under...