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  1. J

    EDM for Production?

    Sounds like a perfect job for EDM, would be happy to quote and test cut your application. Jim Berger [email protected] 3 Rivers EDM
  2. J

    EDM Drill time

    Parameter change? Sounds like parmeters are not correct for material and maybe electrode? I ran HD8 drill and it was a very solid little machine. Do you have manuals and there should be settings listed for material/ electrode selection. We are using some new oil in our hole popper and it...
  3. J

    AgieCut classic 3 wire edm with Agievision. Settings for end of cut?

    So much you can do with machine events! Love the control! You could also have the heads move away to set point At end of program.
  4. J

    Agie Charmilles P350

    Built like a Mits?
  5. J

    Interested in the domain names. My wife and I just opened 3Rivers EDM here in Pittsburgh!!

    Interested in the domain names. My wife and I just opened 3Rivers EDM here in Pittsburgh!!
  6. J

    Fanuc C600iA good and bad features

    I'm running a new Sodick ALN 600G which is what I believe you are talking about. I've been running sodicks for about 10 years and they are really great machines. I have never run a Fanuc or Makino but I have heard very good things about the Makino Heat. I believe the extra pumps are for the...
  7. J

    Agie Charmilles P350

    Ok so how's that new 350P running? I hope you are having great success with it !!
  8. J

    Wiring tips/tricks using .004 diameter wire

    I use Esprit to program as well and I do make sure to change the wire table to .004 and I always do wire alignment and taper Z. I always use the control to set wire kick and I set my Z1 and Z5 accordingly. I do check wire tension on smaller wire sizes and make sure they are jiving up with EPAKS...
  9. J

    Wiring tips/tricks using .004 diameter wire

    We just cut some small 1/2 " thick punches with .004 wire on new Mits . We used hard brass but I like coated or steel core .004 wire the best. The machine threaded and ran .004 pretty well I guess. There was accuracy tecs and DFS tecs. We have wire chopper on our machine and that had to be...
  10. J

    Cutting a .008 Radius

    Pretty sure the p153 LF error is because interference check is on. Turn it off and it should run fine with .010 wire down to .006 rad. Anything less then .006 rad go to smaller wire. Or try what others have mentioned. But that's a lot of programming when you could just change wire within 20 mins.
  11. J

    Cutting a .008 Radius

    you can't cut corners. Lol. What error are you getting? Interference check?
  12. J

    Cutting a .008 Radius

    Ya I agree with precisionmetal . I deal with same situation very Often in regards to management always putting the priority on cutting parts as fast as possible and always trying to cut corners to achieve this.. Bottom line is when accuracy and tolerance matter you just can't cut corners. It...
  13. J

    Bead blasting carbide

    See I was always told not to bead blast carbide because it can damage the surface. Actually the part was a punch with very small outside radius and my thoughts are that bead blasting is just eroding the surface in a non controlled manner and causing poor geometric accuracy in the punch. I...
  14. J

    Bead blasting carbide

    Thank you Marcus for your reply. I feel exactly the same way and 100% agree with you on your points made. But just checking to make sure I'm not crazy before I let him know how I feel about the bead blast issue and while we are on the subject of people being dumb asses this guy has been setting...
  15. J

    Bead blasting carbide

    We recently hired a new wire guy and he seems to have good experience but he likes to bead blast carbide punches and die sections. He also likes to bead blast the snot out of steel anything. He claims it removes recast. I'm pretty sure I understand recast and we very seldom cut anything with...
  16. J

    Mits fa series wedm - wire dwells on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th skim passes

    Happens a lot when guys pull the probe to keep the machine running then don't replace DI bottles. I've also seen skims shit the bed on longer burners where rust forms on wire cut surface. So if you seperate out your first skim pass then go back and " finish" with final skims the IP3 pass...
  17. J

    Burn time for tall part, many noob questions

    I find myself checking slugs more on taller work peices . I'm mostly checking to see that my flush pressure is fairly even. If not I can adjust the upper and lower indapenditly. I also check the bow or belly of the slug. This allows me to adjust the final trims accordingly. I have these tecs all...
  18. J

    Burn time for tall part, many noob questions

    I always look at the slugs to check the flush and HAZ. Anybody else check the slug for bow or belly ?
  19. J

    Agie Charmilles (+GF+) Cut 300SP Reliability Issues

    Cut 300sp company I work for had the 200ms model, and in the end the machine sat mostly unused and then sold off. the reason the machine was brought in was because the shop had Charmille 40 and 30 series machines and also 50 series. having much success with them we figured the cut200ms would...
  20. J

    OKI EDM wire; what are your opinions?

    Hi everyone, we had a rep drop off some Thermo Compact wire. We have been using the SD wire for years . It's great for one cut jobs or maybe rough and two trims. It will also create pretty bad Taper from extreme wire wear. We compensate by putting angle in the program driven from top of part...