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    New Onwer of a 14 1/2", need some help in dismantling...

    I have a 16, and it's been a lot of years since I dismantled mine. I seem to remember a set screw going into the casting, inside the unit. It's in a really awkward place, like on the right hand boss on the bottom, maybe? Needed a mirror to see it, and needed to remove about 50 years of grime...
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    OT: Gas vs Steam Turbine Warmup

    Never worked in a power plant. Only insight I can add is when you start a helicopter engine, you watch the EGT and tach closely. The EGT spikes for about 2 seconds on startup. As RPM increases, EGT falls into the operating range. When everything is tuned in well, the RPM comes up quick...
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    how to clean/polish Oxygen & Acetylene regulators

    I wouldn't touch it. You might end up with a pretty regulator that blows up in your face. Many cleaners have oil, wax, or something combustible in it. Get some of that inside your regulator and you the whole thing could combust, explode, leaving you with a naked 2500 psi blast of oxygen to...
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    another skill saw cutting question

    I've used a common 40 tooth carbide blade from HD. Works like a charm. I've never used oil and the blade didn't dull noticeably after many cuts. (Could help though, I can't say) Expect the cut piece to go flying - there's nothing you can do about it once it decides to go other than go pick...
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    Coolant pump switch

    Stanggmann, You're crazy, but in a good way. I like it. I see a bunch of people recommending Phosphoric acid - these guys have forgotten more than I ever will know - but - DO NOT PUT ACID IN YOUR HEADSTOCK !- unless you are certain you will not cause hydrogen embrittlement. Every acid...
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    Correct method of heat treatment of A2 tool steel question

    I've heard that racket about dwelling at 1250F, and I don't buy it. I suppose theoretically, the part will arrive at 1750F with less internal stresses if it dwells at 1250. But they loose sight of an important fact. Stresses occur and get relieved and several times in the heating and...
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    OT- Where to buy Wrangler Riggs utility or contractor jeans...or Dickies jeans with..

    My favorite pants are Diluth Trading Co Fire Hose Pants, just the basic ones. They are loose in the legs, but like Ries says, when you gotta climb and crawl, the tighter legs in Wranglers and Levis grab my legs and tear the crotch out and make me stumble. And they just plain don't work with...
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    Good University for Mechanical Engineering

    I admire your optimism, but you show a lack of familiarity with your subject matter. Good state schools are accepting 50% of their applicants at the high end, down to 20% or less at the low end. Students are definitely competing for universities. It's getting rough out there. Many...
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    Good University for Mechanical Engineering

    "In short, it is the COLLEGES that are competing for the students, not the other way around (as they would have students believe)." I admire your optimism, but you show a lack of familiarity with your subject matter. Good state schools are accepting 50% of their applicants at the high end...
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    Good University for Mechanical Engineering

    1) Engineering School is an economic investment, and should be thought of that way, FIRST and foremost. You will earn ~ 1.5millon more in a lifetime as a degreed engineer than an average undegreed person. (You're probably not average, though.) 2) If you go to MIT - and do well - you can get...
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    I have to choose between a galled spindle and head stock or a scored one - Opinions?

    Here's to you, Ed.:cheers: There's talkers, and then there's doers. So is your bushing split, or bored to size?
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    I have to choose between a galled spindle and head stock or a scored one - Opinions?

    Yup, Joe, ya read my mind. I was reading this thinking of that article. Pretty ballsy what that guy did. Interesting reading, though. Need to get a back issue or maybe PM me and I'd lend ya mine if you really want to read it. Line Boring a South Bend Lathe Headstock Home Shop Machinist Vol...
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    Changes in Jo Blocks Over Time

    Stating the obvious, but I hadn't seen anybody mention that gage blocks grow when corrosion begins to occur; sometimes it's barely perceptible to the eye. I had some gage blocks that I thought to be good, and several out of the set were measuring high, as much as .0001in high. (I don't work to...
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    My weekend with the Biax. Pic heavy.

    Hello Nate, What an amazing thread. I'm pretty sure some new work is going to start in my shop, inspired by your thread. I was looking at the Vee references you scraped - did you braze the bosses onto the ends for the bolts/handles? Maybe it's an optical illusion. Did you think the stress...
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    RPC sizing for M-G 10EE

    "A static rated for 7.5 HP seems to work fine, as long as you don't try and start the spindle set towards its maximum setting." I start my lathe set to 2500 RPM, and it spins right up to 2500 RPM, no relay cycling, no noises or complaining, in about 1 second. Repeatedly, maybe 50 times an...
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    RPC sizing for M-G 10EE

    I'm going to say something controversial here, but I have been thrilled with my 7.5HP static phase converter for my '43 10ee. Three years, no problems. If something blows in the future, a $10 capacitor and I'm back to work (or similar part). The M-G seems to start without much load on it...
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    16x32 South Bend Lathe, Can you tell me more about this machine?

    Looking around member Steve Wells' site should answer all your lathe questions. Catalog 16-T, top of the page: The SBL Workshop - Catalog Index (Oh yea, you probably already know, the machine uses 3 phase electricity. ) Don't let everybody scare you. It looks like a nice lathe, not a bad...
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    10ee s for Auction in Michigan

    Typically these are in fair to good shape and they go for pretty cheap. This is where I got mine. No affiliation, other than that. Machinery Equipment Bid February 2013 | Finance Wayne
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    Serpertine belt for 10EE

    Needed to replace my 1943 round dial 10ee feed belt. Just bought Duralast / Valuecraft pn 340K5 = 34" long x 5 "K" type ribs wide, 0.700" wide. Equivalent Dayco pn was 5050340. It fit either way on the sheeves. I put the ribs towards the sheeves. Worked like a charm. 30 minutes and $10 at...